Just how low will WELLS FARGO go?

I had breast cancer and a mastectomy in January 2008, before that I had a good paying job in the construction industry. With my job I had disability insurance but did not know it only paid 66 2/3 of my previous salary. The so called 20% and co-pays mounted up quickly so I called Wells Fargo to ask if they could work with me and allow interest only payments for a short time… The representative said "No". So I struggled but paid my bills. After the operation and chemo I went back to work in August 2008 then the economy started wavering so in December the company I was working for got rid of our disability insurance with no offer for us to pay for it. The very next day I found a mass in my "other" breast. I was still making payments on the first mastectomy when I had to have another one in April of 2009. In May I tried to go back to work but was "laid off" because of lack of jobs, although the man that I helped get hired is still working for the company doing my previous job. Now with no income and a lot of bills I called Wells Fargo and again asked for help, I was told they could not help me because I was not behind in my payment. That being said I skipped the June payment then called for their help again, their response was they could not help because I was now behind in my June payment and they put it on my credit report.

Having used up all of my savings and most of my credit and hearing of "loan modification" I called again in September and was again told to skip my October payment but this time they set up "auto" payments for one half of my regular payment amount (to be paid each month for three months). They also had me fill out a book of paperwork. Then they proceeded to call me and tell me I was late… Three times they had to "redo" the auto payments, each time telling me the previous person did not know what they were doing. "Redoing" consist of spending hours on the phone with them getting conformation numbers for deleting what they had done, then getting conformation numbers for what will be the new "correct" dates…. Three times! Then on the third month they managed to take out two payments a day apart, and overcharged on one of them. Again on the phone I inquired about the overcharge and was told I had been charged for paying by phone even though it was not a phone payment it was auto pay. Then to get reimbursed I had to fax in "proof" of the overcharge.

Out of these hundreds of hours of paperwork and sitting on the phone and hearing "THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT" every time I was put on hold then again by every representative I spoke with.

I was turned down for the loan modification.

I borrowed money and paid the skipped month and the half months, they have not to date credited the $2,067.38 to my account (but they darn sure did cash the checks) and now they have sent me notice that they are going to accelerate my loan and foreclose on my house unless I pay the overcharge amount of $31.22 in CERTIFIED funds. Mind you I have never bounced a check to them and now have to spend my time and money to get it to them.

I've had cancer, two mastectomies and I am desperately looking for a job and dealing with Wells Fargo has by far been the worst of my two year journey. May these bastards rot in ***.

What did they do with the money they stole from us tax payers? They certainly have not used it for the good of people in need.

I think we need a class action suit against Wells Fargo.

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Why sue for only a few violations that are common to all.Sue for every violation they have committed against you.

Now to know those you need an audit. I had one done and they found plenty to work with, violations of Truth in Lending, Real Estate Procedures act and predatory lending indicators. I am now going to get another audit which will show where all the pieces of my mortgage are in the mortgage investment pools so I can see who actually owns it and ask them to help me sue my mortgage company because they sold the investor a mortgage with fraud in it and if they refuse, I will sue them. These services are found at endlessfrauddetection.com on the mortgage department page.

They also are setting up a debt collector department to deal with the fraud these debt collection companies are committing.This company even has a radio show they have been doing for over 2 years.


We went through almost the same thing.There really needs to be a class action suit on this.

They are advising people to skip payments to qualify for the HAMP then scamming people out of their homes. We paid them $6,000 to catch up our loan. Not only has it not been posted to our account.

The customer service person I spoke to yesterday said that we are in foreclosure.(no notice received yet) I want to know where all of our payments are going!!

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