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I needed by title info from Wells Fargo to license my car in a new state. I contacted them in Oct 2009 they said no problem we will fax it to the DMV. In early November we got a letter stating that since the car was almost paid off (less than $1000) to go they couldn't fax the paperwork until it was paid off. Why???

So I paid it off and the lady I spoke to said that the lein certification would be mailed out within 10 days. Too long for me, so she said she would put a rush on it and we would have it within the week.

Two weeks later, still nothing. I called them again and a not so nice lady said it was mailed out yesterday and there was nothing she could do. My husband needed this info weeks ago and could lose his job for this. I pleaded with her to fax it to me, she refused and said they can't do that.

I asked to speak with her supervisor, again she refused. I was shaking and hysterical by this time. She got extremely rude and said that I would get it in the mail eventually. Eventually??? I need it within the next 24 hours! I had already been going back and forth with them for over a month.

If my husband loses his job over this, I will sue them!! Why can't they fax me my information on the loan that I paid religiously and paid off early!! They have too much control. If I would have treated making their payments like they are treating giving me my paperwork I would have been in the wrong. Why are they not?

I will never do business with Wells Fargo again! And I do not recommend anyone doing business with them. I have had nothing but problems with them.

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