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Do yourself a favor and avoid these people at Wells Fargo. I had a 12k credit limit on the card, paid off the card to bring it to 0 balance and overnight they chopped me down to 2k credit limit. I have a 780 Credit score and never a late payment anywhere. Called and got a snippy credit analyst who wanted would not shut up and tried telling me to do a credit check( which I already had done) on my own or they could do a hard credit check (which would bring my credit score down a bit) and I declined. She did absolutely nothing to keep my business after being a customer for 12 years. She got an attitude and transferred me for the 3rd time. THANKS FOR MAKING MY DECISION EASY. I closed out the account. It is worth taking the credit hit not to give that POS bank any of my business.

They pulled something a few years ago with my car loan too while I am at it. I had a 60month car loan with them about 2 years through. Never missed a payment. Payment was due on Friday and their collections dept called me on Monday morning asking where the payment is. I got online and checked my bill pay and it showed withdrawn. I expressed this to the guy on the phone and he stated he did not see it and needed a promise of payment and a credit card or something to get the payment immediately. After 30 minutes of explaining and him not listening and basically insulting me as if I had not paid it in months I had enough. I hung up and had a payment in full paying off the car to them the next day.


They will never see me as a customer again.

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I couldn't agree more! Thanks for posting this.

I am on my way to closing all my accounts with them. Worst bank ever.