I had an auto loan with Wells Fargo. Everything was going fine until went through a divorce and then lost my job. To be honest I had never conducted nay business with Wells Fargo until about 5 years ago, and I wish I'd never had!! Since dealing with WF (I won't share the expletive that I', thinking) it has been sheer ***!

I was a good paying customer, even by WF reps account, until my job loss. Once that happened I have been running 30- 60 days late on average. I had some stress issues with my unemployment benefits and fell behind to 80 days. I called and spoke with a rep and he stated that he just wanted me to state my intentions to pay and I explained to him that I was unemployed and would pay 2x in a month. The guy agreed and stated we could do it that way. On Monday, they repo'd my vehicle. I am devastated! I'd paid 57 months on a 72 month loan! As I stated to WF, I'm not a deadbeat and want to know that I do business with an empathetic organization that understands that in this economy they have to do things a little differently, as do I, and not use the exact same process that is used under somewhat normal economic circumstances. I stated to them that we haven't seen these conditions since the 1930's and that a Conscientious Corporate Citizen would modify their protocol to help the client like my and other Americans helped them out (bailout). WF is not that type of organization! They are mean spirited and cannot change with the times at hand. I even asked if they'd hire me just to work the debt off, the regional manager laughed. I already feel discouraged about my position in life at this time, however WF doesn't care about me or anyone else nut its bottom line. The recent lawsuit against WF was based in this very fact! The settlement agreement is that they HELP people in trouble with their mortgage.

We as Americans must not continue to allow to be misused by these banks that WE THE PEOPLE BAILOUT when they are in trouble. I don't want any pity or anything free, I just want some creative, helpful, and empathetic minds to get me over the last 25% of what I owe. They donated $443,500.00 to the republican party in this last electorial cycle and we all know what the though process and more importantly, the MORAL mind and heartset. WF are NOT Christian!!

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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