Dallas, Texas
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Each time we talk to the Home Preservation Specialist, we are told to submit information so that they can give to underwriters. We have submitted at least three packets of information in the past month, still information has not gone to underwriters for modification.

Now we are informed that we are in foreclosure. We are now told to send that same information. We can hardly ever speak to our assigned Specialist and she seldom returns your calls. We don't know what to do at this point.

I thought Well's Fargo was about helping people keep their homes. Help!

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It takes so long to get modification that it would be better to pay lawyers to get home out of foreclosure. Resubmitted docasn to HPS and they askn for same ones again!

its a JOKE! Will never do business with them again for any reason.

IF they Buy my loan which they did this time I will do everything in my power to move it! :(