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I will keep this short as I know that anyone who has experienced this insanity will understand it immediately...

I have fought with Well's Fargo to the point of no return on this one. You know how it goes...6 or 7 small debits and then much later a large one that goes into the negative by a buck??? Then they put that on first and make all those 10 dollar debits go into overdraft to charge you the 35 bucks a pop.

Hold your deposit, let all your debits come thru and...BAM...10 more overdrafts. FRAUD. FRAUD!!!

Review about: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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If you complain and tell them that you feel that the bank is only interested in profit and that you will pull your account and change banks, they usually refund a portion of the fees as long as this is not a regular activity on the account. You will have to speak with a manager since thanks to the economy crisis banks have adopted the stance and have actually trained their customer service reps to ALWAYS deny a refund and state that as long as it's not the bank's error they will not issue a refund.

That is NOT true. They will, depending on your history with the bank. Also, if you hold other services with them, such as mortages, cd's, savings accounts or anything, Threaten to pull them, just be ready to do so. Sometimes they will say it takes days to close an account, and that they will mail you a check for the balance in your account.

To get around that you tell them not to worry about it, then go to the bank and pull everything except $1.00 from the account. If you have a mortage, call and ask them for a loan payoff letter, this is the first indication that you may be refinancing and leaving their bank.

You have power as an account holder. USE IT!

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