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We have been working with this sorry company for months trying to save our home and all we get are programs we cant afford and lies these people DO NOT CARE and we can not seem to get them to help us they are always messing up the paper work we send them then we have to resend it back again I'm out of work lost our car and all we have left is our house bottom line is they don't care so we are at a stand still with them we do not know wich way to turn.

Review about: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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:( this is a sorry excuse for a bank, they don't help with credit cards or your mortgage , not even with the presidents request for helping the unemployed. Never would use Wells Fargo again. Run don't walk away from this bank.


We are still here they keep trying and trying to mess with us but we are on to their game. They will not get this house.


I purchased a truck that is financed through well's fargo, my husband is our bread winner i'm a stay home mom we've hit hard times more than once.My husband hours got cut and then in a months time he was lay-off for 3 months the payments was in but late now i'm $122 behind and its time to buy school clothes i spoke to some1 today from there they had a nerve to say that my car note was more important than buying my kids clothes which i have three to provide for.They haven't been no help and still is no help.They don't care what kind of situation your in as long as they get their money.I may have been behind and falling hard times but i always seem to pay,but they don't see that.I'm just fed-up. :( :(


That comment shows your mentality.



How oh how does it take 2 days and counting for a cash tranfer to go through.

Wells Fargo sucks


well looks like we lose they are going take our home after 7 years of know late payments. Since im on unemployment they will not work with us. Florida does not pay very well when it comes to unemployment.


well looks like we lose they are going take our home after 7 years of know late payments. Since im on unemployment they will noy work with us. Florida does not pay very well when it comes to unemployment.

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