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We have mortgage account with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage on our house which we purchased in Sept of 2008. I am self-employed in the luxury watch industry and my income has been decreased by roughly 70% since 2007. My wife is in payroll/HR in the resort industry and has taken a pay cut of about 10% during that same time. I am writing in regards to the treatment of us by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage while attempting to participate in the Home Affordable Modification Program.

In March of 2009, my income took a nosedive. We were current on our mortgage and had savings to keep us afloat for a few months. I saw trouble in the future if my income did not improve dramatically and I wanted to make WFHM aware of that. I called them to see if there were any programs I could get on for assistance, and they promptly placed us on the Home Saver Forbearance Program which was a 6 month forbearance that cut our mortgage payments in half. During that time, there were to be no late fees levied against our acct and no credit reporting. The Home Saver Forbearance stated that the unpaid amount of our mortgage was to be owed/paid at the end of the 6 month period as a balloon payment, unless we were placed on the HAMP Program after that 6 month period. After the 6 months were up, we had saved enough money to pay the balloon payment ($7200) plus the full month payment due on the 7th month ($2400). During the 6 month period, I made weekly calls (all call were recorded by me for my reference) to WFHM on the status of our modification process, and sent in updated financial information every month. The vast majority of these calls gave conflicting information regarding the Home Saver program and the HAMP program. Some of the Reps told me that I needed to be behind on my mortgage to get help, while others told me to send in reduced payments, while others told me they couldn't even tell me anything until the Home Saver program had run its course. Again, we were not delinquent on our mortgage until we were placed onto the Home Saver Forbearance Program.

In October, we were sent a package of documents telling us that we had been placed on the 3 month trail period for the HAMP program, and that financial data, hardship letter, bank statements, copies of paycheck stubs and tax data were all needed as well as a check for $2208, each month for the 3 month trail period (that check amount was, per WFHM Rep and paperwork, going to be what our estimated HAMP payment was to be after the modification). We were also told that a requirement of the HAMP Program was for us to allow WFHM to set up an escrow account to handle our property tax and insurance. Up to that point, we were paying those liabilities as they came in. We agreed to the escrow as it was a "requirement" of the HAMP program. The escrow account effectively raised our mortgage payment to $2919 from $2400 a month. The 3 month trail period (Oct-Dec) had us paying $2208 a month which again, was our "estimated" payment we would be making after the modification.

In mid October, I was contacted by a WFHM Rep who was trying to get me to "set up my November and December confirmation numbers". He opened up the conversation by saying, "I see right here, that we have you set up for a modification, and you've made your October payment already, and what we're trying to do here is reduce that interest rate from 7.0% to 2.2%, take that past due balance of $7393 and put that on the back end of your loan." (I have all of this recorded). He also said he could "almost guarantee" that we were going to save $1400 to $1500 on our mortgage if I let him "set up my November and December confirmation numbers". The rep never stated his intent. I understood that he was trying to get me to authorize an auto draft from my bank account for the 3 month trail period payments of $2208, even though he never actually said that was the purpose of his call. I had already signed the documentation that was an agreement to me sending a check for the trial period amount by the 1st of each month in the trail period, so what was the point of authorizing an auto draft? I tried over and over to get him to state his intent, and he kept saying things like, "just give me the go-ahead on this, and I'll make sure that your son has a safe place to lay his head at night, in case you forget to send in your trial payment check." And, "I'm gonna keep it real with you. I'm not trying to stress you out, but this is the move you're gonna have to make to keep your property, your lifestyle and your kids safe, in the same school and the same neighborhood…bbq's…the whole thing. I have your banking information already. All you have to say right now is OK, I give you your 2 confirmation numbers and it's done." This call was completely laughable. It sounded to me like this guy had been offered a bonus program by WFHM that paid him if he was able to get anyone already signed up in the 3 month trial program, to secure auto drafts from their bank accounts. After over 20 minutes on the phone with him and him never actually asking me if I would authorize him to auto draft my bank account, I said, "Ohhh, you want me to allow you to auto draft my next 2 payments? Why didn't you just say so? You never said anything about an auto draft!" At that point, he put me on hold immediately, came back in about 30 seconds and thanked me for my time and ended the phone call. This is very unethical behavior by WFHM. Again, I have all of this recorded.

By the end of December, we still (after repeated phone calls, all recorded by me for my reference) had no word on the status of our loan modification, and had again supplied updated financial information (3 times). The WFHM Reps kept telling us they were "behind" and were working on our modification and for us to continue to pay the $2208 "trial period payment" until further notice. Around this time we were also given an underwriter that was in contact with us to request even more information. This time, they said they needed a profit and loss statement from my company, which I supplied to them under the constraining time window in which they needed it. After that info was sent to the underwriter, I called her to ask the status of our HAMP application and she informed me that she had sent the info back to WFHM for review and that she was no longer our underwriter/contact after the info left her office/desk, and that she did see that "no one at WFHM had picked up the case yet". So I immediately call WFHM to see what was going on. I am informed by a WFHM Rep (another nameless, faceless call center person completely unfamiliar with our case, who wont even give a name or extension for future contact with, just like every other Rep I have spoken with and recorded for 10 months) that I have in fact "Failed" the HAMP Program. I asked her what tour grounds for failure was and she could not tell me anything. She mentioned that the financial data I provided needed to be updated every 30 days (the first time in 10 months I had ever heard that). She then gave me a number to call for assistance. It was the SAME number as my underwriter, who told me not 10 minutes earlier that she was no longer handling my case. When I called the underwriter back, she said she had no idea what was going on, but that she didn't see that I had "Failed" the program. At this point, I start a rabid research regimen online to find any one in WFHM I can speak with to help make sense out of all this. I find a number for the Executive Office of the President and call the office of Cara Heiden, who transfers me to Jessica Scott, who tells me that I have in fact failed the HAMP program, and must now start over to see if I am eligible for a WFHM "In House" modification. Of course, she tells me that she will need a new financial worksheet, hardship letter, 3 months of bank statements, copies of paycheck stubs, tax data, and new month-by-month profit and loss statements for my company, copies of all bills listed on the financial worksheet and that I have 5 DAYS to get this to her. So today, I have FedEx'ed that data to her. We'll see.

As of Jan 18th, the statements I receive from Wells Fargo say I owe them $14,700+ in back/late mortgage payments and late fees, along with a note saying that the foreclosure process has been started on our home.

When I started this in April 2009, we were current with all payments. I have fallen behind at the REQUEST of WFHM, have had my actual mortgage payment amount INCREASED by $500 a month (from the escrow account) by a "requirement" of a Federal Program that I "failed", yet still have to pay every month. I was told by WFHM to pay the "3 month trial period payments" of $2208, thereby underpaying the actual mortgage ($2919) by $711 a month, and then getting LATE FEES levied onto my account for that underpayment, as well as the 6 months of half payments from the Home Saver Forbearance Program. I have not even received any kind of written notice from WFHM that I have "failed" the HAMP program other than the call I initiated to a WFHM Rep (which cannot be trusted, as every rep says something different, and my underwriter couldn't even see where I had failed the program). How long would Wells Fargo allow me to pay the 3 month trial period (under)payments without letting me know I had been rejected from the program while continuing to levy late/non-payment fees to my account? 2 months? 4 Months? A year?

We got all of the horrible, worst case scenarios that people get who neglect their bills, lie to get their loans, walk away from houses, have $0 down payments and create terrible credit scores for themselves, yet we have good credit, pay all of our bills on time, make sound fiscal decisions and have chosen the "high road" throughout this entire process and are now being punished for it.

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In 2004, I started paying an additional $600 per month on my mortgage payment with WFHM. I made 8 payments of $600 in addition to my normal monthly mortgage payment. WFHM sent three letters within two weeks of each other with 3 differnet balances owed ranging from ~$3000 to ~$11,000.

When I called, I was lead through a Cash Audit (they told me they received my payment and the date received). When the Customer Service Rep. got to the 7th month, which she admitted I overpaid every month by $600 up to that point and then she put me on hold. When she returned, her attitude changed from very helpful to extremely rude. She then stated I was not set-up on bi-monthly payments and I needed to pay them ~$11,000 or they would expedite my mortgage and force me to pay the balance. I tried to argue but of course lost so I entered an adjusted mortgage which took the amount they claimed I owed and applied it to the end of my normal mortgage payoff date.

The following January, I received a check for the amount of money I overpaid the previous year. I checked my credit and for 9 consecutive months, WFHM reported my mortgage payment as 90+ days late. I called an attorney and they told me it would cost more for me to clarify this issue than it would if I let it go and do what they told me to do.

I wish WFHM was one of the banks that fell when Wall Street Crashed!


When my payment was sent in a day early, wfhm cashed the check quickly. The check bounced.

Had to pay both wfhm and the bank.

The last payment has been sent and it appears that the payment is being held so late fees can be applied. We need to own the company.


I had my home mortgage with WF and lost my job, once back to work, i went through the modification process which was a nightmare by itself, here is the outcome. The modification actually increased my note making it unaffordable, they took my home through deed in lieu of forclosure.


Just wanted to know how it turned out for Madashellwithwells after they submitted detailed info. to Jessica Scott in WFHM Executive Office. Anything positive come out or just more of the same?


Hi all, i just wanted to give you the latest update which is so infuriating.

Today I decided to see what was happening with my case with the BBB. Dated April 13 was Wells Fargos letter stating my case was closed and no further action to be taken. Now note I have not officially received anything by mail.

In one of the paragraphs they state that I did not supply information regarding the two checks that were not posted to my account. I cannot believe them. I submitted copies of the letter from my bank when I requested the bank to prove these checks cleared, I submitted copies of my banking statement for Wells Fargo only that proved the three months they put a motion against me for were paid and cleared and what dates they cleared my account. On the letter I also provided the representative i spoke with and the amount he stated i neeeded to pay extra to get my account out of suspension. I provided them copies of THEIR account activity sheet that also proved one payment and no posting of the two checks not posted.

You will love this paragraph

"any funds that are withdrawn from the customer's account have to be intitiated by the borrower themselves" GIVE ME A BREAK! I want them to take out ATTORNEY FEES FROM MY ACCOUNT. I didnt even know about these motions against me until they were served to me.

I submitted a letter back to them refaxing ALL the copies of letters, checks, motions and account activity sheets. I cant tell you how many times i have done this. I am so angry by this game they are continuing to play. So I asked them straight up how can you take out lawyer fees MONTHS before the motion is dated and filed with the courts. How can you lie to the US COURTS about months not paid when before your filing date to the court, these checks were cleared and posted, to lie and double late fees. I asked them to explain how an assumption could be made that I would break the modification prior to the end of the contract. I submitted proof that payments were made and I was forced to make those payments at a higher cost to me. I asked them to explain how a check for attorney fees was posted and cleared in march and they have the right to reverse my MAY mortgage payment, put my account in suspension and retake lawyers fees in may. How additional lawyers fees can be taken without my knowledge. I asked them to explain how another motion can be submitted to the courts stating i was three months behind. The motion was filed December 2 and clearly two of those payments were posted before the December filing. FALSE FILING WITH THE US COURTS.

I am furious with these answers and to state my case is closed and no further action will be taken is beyond believable.

I have placed a couple of calls to attorneys and am awaiting call backs. No way is my case closed and that I have not provided sufficient documentation regarding my complaint.

No way am I letting Wells Fargo off the hook for its lies and theft of my money.


I also have been going thru a nightmare with Wells Fargo. I have been going thru my *** since 1998 when I was injured at work and became disabled. I tried over and over to get assistance before falling behind to get the response "you are not 3 months behind" Finally in Nov 2000 I received a forbearance agreement effective Dec 00 thru May 01. While under this agreement your payments are to be the same until the end of the contract, Right? Wrong. During this time frame I was told repeatedly to submit higher payments. I thought the reason for being in this modification was to help you get on your feet and lower the payments until a future resolution good be made. In June 01 I received my FIRST motion for foreclosure. This motion stated I was behind March thru June. Wells Fargo lied to the US COURT by doubling the late fees, misrepresenting the months owed inthis motion. I made so many calls and received no assistance at all. I submitted documentation proving the dates checks cleared and were posted to my account. Fell on deaf ears.

Because of the errors that never ended, in october 09 I started to do a complete review of my account going back to 98. I used all resources that i could and found many many interesting and devestating things Wells Fargo has done to me.

the first being that while i was under the signed agreement until may 01, why did Wells Fargo take out attorney fees in MARCH. The motion was not set for hearing until JUNE, so explain how this company could do this. Why was i harassed, threatened to submit more and more money. Well my account was put into suspension and I never knew it. Wells Fargo took out all fees first instead of applying my payment to the note first that being principal, interest and escrow. I was not aware of that back then, but oh what i know now.

SECOND motion was dated Dec 01 for hearing dated Jan 02. Again did not know that this company took out Attorney Fees in OCTOBER. Again my acct in suspension. They again misrepresented figures in this motion, doubling my late fees and stating months not paid. Thru my review I found that two checks were submitted, one for my mortgage payment and one to get my account out of suspension. These checks cleared my account but were NEVER posted to my mortgage, nov was paid and posted and again they stated my account was in suspension. Also i started noticing that $15 started appearing on my statement. I called and could not get straight answers. Finally i found that these were inspections fees. Several sometimes in one months time. They told me it was to make sure that someone is living here. Give me a break, mortgage payments are being made, you call me and harass me and you are making sure someone lives here. THIEVES!

THIRD motion filed in Dec for hearing in Jan 03. This was totally unbelievable. For this motion i was forced to pay $425 for attorney fees which i submitted on a separate check UNDER PROTEST and a cashiers check for over $1500. I called and called stating there is no way this money is owed and got threatened, angry rude people who laughed and demoralized me. Again they doubled the late fees and had months in the motion that were actually paid and posted to my account. no one would listen and I was forced to pay that amount. Thru my review i found they took an additional $150 for attorney fees, inspection fees continued and late fees were piling up. In may they reversed my mortgage payment stating i defaulted in not paying attorney fees which check cleared and posted in March. Thru this whole year my account was in perpetual default and i was forced to continue to pay more and more. No one would assist me, department to department no one knowing what the *** the other was doing.

In 2004 my chapter 13 was discharged with all creditors being paid in full. In Jan Wells Fargo tacked on over $1400 stated as "Corporate Fees" I immediately called to find out what this was and was told to pay this immediately or proceeding would be started to have me removed from my home. I refused argued and again got nowhere.

In 08 I lost a huge significant amount of income. I knew i would be in trouble with the mortgage payments so i looked for assistance with HUD to get my payments reduce. This went on for months with Wells Fargo stating no paper work was submitted, lost financial work sheet and so on. These information was submitted so many times on both ends HUD and myself. Nothing no where. Finally in nov i received a call stating i was approved with modification on my mortgage. Do not pay dec and call every month to advise of financial situation. I did as requested and on April 1 made the call and stated ok now what no changes in my finances, nothing changed I was told i had to pay over $2400 before the 15th. WHAT, i could not believe it. They tacked on the "Corporate Fees" I refused. So the guy tells me then we are starting proceedings to have you evicted from your home in 60 days. I was furious and started yelling at him stating I did everything you said and i do not owe you any fees. He laughed and said well here is another option, sign an agreement to pay over $700 a month for 8 months. NO WAY. i cant pay my normal payment and you want more for 8 months. I refused.

Because of the hardship in May of 09 i had to file a chapter 7. Eleven days after i filed i received my FOURTH motion. I was only one month behind that being the dec payment because i was told NOT to pay it and they stated i was 2 months behind plus stated that the june payment was approaching so requested 3 months of payments before the june hearing. my bankruptcy atty told me to borrow all the money and pay it upfront so that they could not pull this on me again. I pd what i could over 3 weeks time. my case was dismissed and i never received documentation to that effect. my atty cld me the day before the hearing.

Thru this review i found that they held two surplus escrow checks. One back in 01 when apparently they took fees out for atty and put my account in suspension, second took out late fees that were not owed and submitted a partial refund. Per a rebuttal from them in Dec 09 they admitted to an error going back to 01 in the amount of $766 and deducted that amount from "corporate fees". that money should have been directly refunded to me.

In March of this year i contact the bankruptcy atty for the chapter 13 and found out that 5% payment was submitted to the mortgage company and by no right any additional fees should have been added to my account. I submitted this to them. On April 15, BBB submitted an email to me stating Wells Fargo closed my case feeling they have answered all my complaints. UNBELIEVABLE is the only word i can say. They falsified documentation to the courts, they stole thousands of dollars from me over the years. They took fees out first instead of applying to the note. Violations of so many kinds were broken by Wells Fargo. Thru research on the net Wells Fargo does this to accounts to make it look like your account is in perpetual default.

I have submitted my complaint to the OCC, Federal Trade Commission, Superintendent of National Banking, Attorney Generals of NYS, Iowa and Florida, FDIC, BBB. I am so fed up with getting nowhere and for this company to close my case without acknowledging the wrong doing it has done to me, my credit, my life. The stress is more than any one person needs. They have financial ruined me. Everyone needs to fight, submit documenation to whoever and everyone. That is what i am doing until i get results. They filed false motions that hurt me over and over Wells Fargo is a predatory Loan company, they are fraudulent and practice many illegal banking procedures.


I was with countrywide wachovia took over now wellsfargo is going to foreclose. I do not owe them all this money.

the records do not sho adeed of trust. plus my taxes have been altered for more money than i actually had.


Rita, please read response number 4, it might give you some information that might help.


I have been *** around by Wells fargo since july 2009 they keep telling me we are working on it and in the mean time I keep getting phone calls from foreclosure lawyers and letters in the mail I have sent them the same paperwork every month for almost a year now I have 2 children and a 73 year old mother that I have to take care of my 2 year old can't use her Right arm and needs theropy twice a week and I can't provide it for her becuse I'm trying to keep a roof over her head and Wellsfaro and walk-all-over-u (wacovia)have been jurking me around for so long I wish they had never bought out my loan.


Gracies Mom. Why would you want to pay when fraud may have been committed against you, in which case they owe you, not you owing them. Please read the previous post and see what the law says about violating mortgage laws.


In July of 2009 my husband and I started the process of loan modification with WF. We had no idea what we were in for.

Thirty days into the first request we called to check on the status only to be told that our application was "out of date". When my husband asked at what point did it become "out of date" he was told "today". Apparently, you are suppose to resubmit your paperwork every 30 days in order to adhere to one of their many secretive and unexplained rules. When we asked if WF had any intention of letting us know since we were the ones that called them we were told that they "had called us to let us know - so said the computer".

BOLONA!!!! We never received any call from this company! Furthermore, to date (6 months after the first attempt at loan modification) we have NEVER received anything in writing from this bank letting us know that we were in need of updating any paperwork every thirty days. Let's face it if WF were more capable of processing these requests in a more timely manner we would not have had to resubmit it SEVEN times!!

It has been my experience that professional banks and lending institutions formally and legally communicate in writing what is expected from the customer. What kind of bank doesn't want the customer to know the rules??? Of course one has to wonder if they did explain the rules for the approval process that perhaps that would not allow them to decline as many people as they seem to do. Nevertheless, we resubmitted the COMPLETE application all over again and continued to do so every 27 days just in order to jump through their hoops!

Finally in Dec. after countless calls to their customer service reps and then their supervisors and yes the supervisor's supervisors to check on the never ending loan mod status we received our first and only call.. a robocall from WF stating we were need of providing additional information. We immediately returned the call only to be told by the WF rep that they showed no additional information was needed and that the robocall was made in error.

My husband spoke to three supervisors who confirmed this! Within five days we received our first letter from WF since this whole process began five months before. The letter clearly stated that we were "denied" our request "for loan modification due to refusal to submit necessary and timely paperwork". At that point we decided to get off this rollercoaster and make it a priority to work to pay the loan off earlier than the nine years left on it.

One month after we received our denial letter a woman from WF called our home one evening to ask if we would like to try and restart the loan mod process again????!!!! My husband told her to tell her superiors that we would never do business with WF again and that loan sharks were more professional additionally that we will be writing all of our lawmakers as well as our state's A.G. to request that they look into the matter. Since we started this process we have spoken to others who have experienced the same exact stall tactics.

These jokers got bail out money .. our tax money and for what???? To make matters worse we called WF to ask why we are being charged an extra fee in addition to late charges for a payment that was 28 days late. We were told that this is a charge to have someone drive by our home a "make sure it hasn't been abandoned".

This explains the *** man that was caught driving by our house last month hanging out the window of his car taking pictures of our home! Are you kidding me we were 28 days late!!!


Now make them prove that they have not defrauded you before they foreclose. Better yet make them prove they have a legal right to foreclose.

What if there was fraud in the loan, why not make them pay for that. When they break the law they owe you. How do you prove the fraud? With forensic mortgage audit.

Where do you get one of these? can provide a forensic mortgage audit and then the Qualified written request if more info is needed or a letter of rescission if the the note is found to be void due to the fraud. From there the litigation paperwork can be created to file with the court to show the fraud. They do not like for you to show the fraud to the court.

Go to the website and learn more about the fraud that had been committed on the American People. Go to the our services page to see just how much is included in the audit.

Then when you are ready to take the mortgage company to task contact and get started taking back this country one home at a time. Now for less than what it would cost to move with a foreclosure on your credit report, you can take them to task and make them pay you for the fraud they have committed.