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Ever since Well Fargo has taken over GMAC Financial, its been a nighmare!Nobody in that company knows anything about factoring and making up rules on the go.

Amazes me how someone gets qualified to run businesses they know nothing of. Great job here Wells Fargo on your nice hires! Will be leaving this company and our business forever. Had to wait over 2 weeks to advance a payment on a large invoice when they first started and they asked why we needed a loan at that time...

ummm because thats what factoring companies do you idiots!


True story that they have people running the company that dont understnad what factoring companies do.There are many better companies out there!

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #916912

Wells Fargo is the WORST at factoring and really do make up the rules as they go.DO NOT FACTOR WITH WELLS FARGO.

I have heard nothing but bad reviews and complaints. Even after escalating my concerns to their executive team, they made false statements about what our clients did and didn't do.

They'll hold receivables from your clients and will only release it after you have proven that a payment was made as in securing a canceled check from your client.Wells Fargo has done anything but help me with my A/R.

Bill; I'm not sure if you have ever worked with them but its true this company is a nightmare.


This poster is totally uninformed.

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