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Well Fargo is the worse finance company you would ever want to have as a lien holder. They are quick to want to repo someones vehicle. Like no one at this company has ever been late or down on there luck with money.

If your payment is due on a certain date they will harrass you until you pay them.

Calling your phone from sun up to sun down. Also when you need help they have all the excuses in the world not to help you. Its like they want to repo the *** car. They suck as a company

Monetary Loss: $632.


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Mankato, Minnesota, United States #775552

I am one of the many people who hate Wells Fargo Auto Finance!We were talked into refinancing with them.

The sales guy said we would have a smaller monthly payment. He lied to our face.

Ended up with a higher payment for an additional year.We were not told the bottom line until we signed the papers which was our fault for believing him to be honest.

Plano, Texas, United States #641489

Wells Fargo Auto Finance IS by far THE worst group I have ever dealt with.They were not willing to help me out with my payment arrangment AT ALL.

I was going to pay TWO car payments at once in 1 week. They refused to work with me and DEMANDED I pay them on the SAME day when my next payment is not even due! They kept trying to put words into my mouth, such as I was refusing to work with them? Right, I am refusing yet I called in advance to set something up?

They were bullying me and acted as if I was 6 months behind on a payment. I had a major life event come up out of no where, MY MOM PASSED AWAY, and they are not even able to work a deal out with me. NEVER have I had a company make me feel so low, as if I didn't have enough going on. *** comes up in peoples lives, and yes, I know I was a whopping 15 days late on my payment, but give me a break.

I will refinance through a better company next time. Once they have your signature, they do not give a *** about customer service. Please take my advice, DO NOT refinance through Wells Fargo, or purchase new.

If your credit is not so great, go through a smaller company.I'll be damned if Wells Fargo assits its customers in any way when *** hits the fan.

Worthington, Ohio, United States #606147

I am very Suprised to hear all the Negative Post about Wells Fargo, I have gotten Several Loans from them , And the reason Why...I PAID THEM !!

Every post ive read has someone saying they were Late On Payments, Guess what ?

Every Loan Company will come take Your S**T when U dont pay for it !!Dont blame the Lender, They gave U the Money, And NONE of them give a *** about your Financial Hardships, It's Dog-Eat-Dog, And If someone Owed U Thousands of Dollars, You'd Want It Back Too !!


I am happy to say that after all the misery wells Fargo has put me threw I'm technically done with them.However, even though I just paid of my loan they sent me a title from a different state that I used to to live in 3 years ago.

Now I have to wait who knows how ling to get the correct title from the correct state.

If I can give you any advice stay away from Wells Fargo Auto Finance.:(

to Thank Goodness Im done with WF #600229

its not their job to keep up with the titling everytime you move. They hold the original title when you purchase the car. take a little responsibility and quit blaming other people for normal responsibilities


I too am disgusted with WF Auto -- I make a monthly payment and if it is late, I get threats of repossession. Payments are made regularly (albeit a few days late) but made. I will never, ever do business with WF for anything again -- once my loan is paid off.


I have checking and savings accounts with Wells for 20 years.Both have positive balance and my credit card balance is not even at half the allowable level - however they turned down a refinance on a truck loan that is 100% current because of an open home equity loan.

Really?I am so happy we the citizens bailed them out.


As for Wells Fargo Auto....they have the poorest customer service I have EVER had to deal with in my 40 years!...We did not finance our auto loan through them but were transferred when they took over Wachovias dealer services.We fell behind on 1 payment when my husband got out of the service and we have been waiting on his VA disability.I had an agreement with one decent rep I had been working with at Wells fargo, and was told as long as I continued to call her and make arrangments every month so that I did not get farther behind that I would be ok....go figure they took my account from her and moved it around to several different reps.I called yesterday to set up my usual payment and was informed that they could not except a payment past the next 48 hours.

I kindly explained that this was the way I worked things out with a prior rep until disability got worked out. He then transferred me to a real B**ch named Jessica. She was extremely rude, was trying to put words in my mouth saying that I said I was NOT going to make a payment when I said NO I NEVER said that I indeed said I was trying to set up a payment for in 2 weeks! she cut me off said she wasn't putting words in my mouth and insisted that I was refusing to make my payment then informed me I had till 5 pm the next day or she was sched.

our vehicle for repo! then said well I am not arguing with you and hung up on me! With that being said ...IF I was not showing any good faith that I was trying to get that 1 payment caught up and IF I was blowing them off I could maybe understand...however that was so much NOT the case! I was trying to set up a payment.

End of my scenario...I had to borrow money from a friend from their credit card to make a payment to prevent that 1 payment causing me to lose our vehicle! Thank GOD for her cause Wells Fargo and their employees (most except a slim few) act as if you are beneath them and as if you are taking money from their *** table just cause you are 1 month behind!

I hope carma bites Jessica and knock her off her high horse, maybe a few proper business manners to be taught to her would be beneficial to Wells Fargo.I had someone on another forum tell me that they can NOT refuse to take my payment and I totally intend on trying to verify that along with the whole policy of repoing a vehicle for being behind on 1 payment.


Wells Fargo is a terrible finance company.No compassion for their customers in this economic crisis we are all going through.

I was a good customer been with Wells Fargo for the whole time I had my loan(3 years) up until they repossessed my car last week over 2 late payments and 400 in late fees accumulated in 2 months. Most auto loan finance companies give 3 sometimes 4 months before they want your car.

Don't ever choose wells fargo for any of your banking needs all they really want is your money.STAND BY YOU HAHAHA!


Well I've been with them for some time myself had a few run ins but yes they called but they worked with me BUT NOW I'm on my last car payment an its only 400 told me last month it was 7something to finally pay it off now asking for almost 1400 for mii last payment n can't even.Tell me why.

Sorry a** company at the last min.Wow

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