Clementon, New Jersey

This is the message wells fargo left on my voice mail: You have to be quiet. They worship wooden idols.

If you need money,we must meet somewhere in the middle. What's up with this? Anyone else getting this? I have a home loan from them and I am going through foreclosure.

This is the message that is left on my voice mail. When I dial the number it is Wells Fargo. Are they leaving this instead of a collections message ? The message is automated.

I don't need to 100 words to say something,or to get a message across. So these last few words are to make my message equal 100 words.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

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That is an a message used by an automated dialing load tester, usually used to test incoming phone lines for call quality. Your phone number must be close to one of the internal phone num ers they were testing at the time. A company contracted for load testing at my work recently made use of it.


This is a Mean opinion score test by an automated system they were not trying to call humans, they were attempting to call another automated system that would measure the quality of the voice. They reconfigured the dialing platform

if you read the International Telecommunications Specification P.800 those phrases are Directly in the spec... they were attempting to re-engineer their voice network for perfect call quality and they mis configured the platform


We also got the message very strange.

Hope our info is secure


I got the same message. I too always pay them after the 5th, but am not in default.

Very weird.

Glad it was not only me. Thought it was some crazy hacking my voice mail.




Got the same voicemail prior to supposed Wells Fargo rep leaving phone number. Very greedy as first message is in a child's voice.


Day Two of WF getting back, or not I should say. After calling them twice, after I was told someone would get back to me, I found out the following.

They are "researching" this and their security is "multi-layered" but are still at a loss of how this happened.

They understand that I am hesitant to work with a company who cannot explain crank phone calls but still expect my money. No answer as to if they can't find out the reason why this *** message was left how do I know that my information is secure.


WF sent me a letter stating nothing. I am still waiting to hear from customer service.


Received same message. Currently talking to WF.

Supervisor claiming that it is not them. Now waiting to talk to customer service. The supervisor claimed that someone had snuck into their lines and was using their number.

A work order is being put in regarding this and customer service will call back later. They get nervous when you call them out on this.


i have also been left this message yesterday first time. i am late with my mortgage payments by two months.

This is the first time i have received this message . They call all the time but have never left this message. This would be considered crossing the line i believe .

I'm wondering if they are doing this to many people or just a select group. I'm doing more research to find out and feel this is a threat.


I just got the same message.... ***


What is the number calling you? If you call WF customer service they can look up the number and tell you if it is really them or it it is not one of their numbers.

If it is not then I would assume someone has set up some type of fraud or scam number. Remember dont call any number and give your information unless it is listed by WF


Yes. They have left that message twice at my home.

I am not in foreclosure or even late. But if they don't have the payment processed by the 5th, they call repeatedly.

And that is the message they leave. I am considering calling them several times a day soon and saying that over and over to them.