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Very recently I did a stop payment for a couple of pre authorized debits from another horrible company, Midland Credit Management, reason being I lost my job and I couldn't afford the monthly payments. I called Ashley from Wells Fargo and she informed me that the stop payment should go through for both transactions and I am being charged for them. Fine. But then three days later, I look at my account, and one of the debits went through! I was pissed, and I called Wells Fargo bank and asked what the *** was going on. The associate said that I didn't give the correct information. I did not understand that because I gave all of the information that was asked. He said that they were not given a check number from me. I NEVER WAS ASKED FOR A CHECK NUMBER!!!

I then asked to speak to the manager. She said as a "courtesy" she was going to reimburse the stop payment fees. She also said that there would be no more fees on my account, and to confirm that, I should call next week. I check next week, they charge an overdraft fee on my account. I was livid at this time and I was yelling at them. I feel bad for yelling, but this was ridiculous. They spew the same *** that since this it was received as a check and there was a check number, then they couldn't do anything about it, even though I did not give them any check number, they didn't ask for one. If that was the case, then why did they stop the other debit that I asked them to do? Both of my transactions had these random check numbers from MCM, both were requested by me to stop payment at the same time, yet they stop payment on one, and let the other, more expensive one go through, and they have the audacity to charge me for it? These people don't care, and when I get straightened out with my finances, I am going to search for another bank.

Also, I would avoid Midland Credit Management like a plague. NEVER give these *** your account number for a preauthorized debit. Also these people are very rude. One of these hags hung up on me when I was trying to straigten this out.

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HAving issues with Midland credit myself. First they put a garnishment through that was for a 350 dollar from 1995, and now ballooned to $1781.

My payroll didn't notify me nor did Midland about such an old debt. No problem, I paid it in full and when the last payment was sent I simply called them to ask that they send me a letter of satisfaction-I'm trying to clean up my credit. This has been paid since last year and you get nothing but extremely rude people who hang up on you and tell me I owe interest. Well my payroll rep.

and myself have asked for that in writing. No such luck. You'd think they would want to get everything they claim to be owed, but it's been impossible to get this taken care of and the crazy part is, not only have I paid off the judgement in full, they claim I owe interest not included in the garnishment but they still send nothing to get the money. I don't get it.

These people are crooks and need to be stopped. I even took the evidence that I paid to the courts to get them to release me from it and a judge denied my motion to dismiss so it's like you can never win, even when you pay your debts.


Jason Tillo must be young and have never dealt with banks before. I believe the person with the complaint. How do I know all this, I was a bank manager and had to get away with all my employees making mistakes. Jason, grow up and get some hair on your nuts. One day you will have the same happen to you.




Can you prove that you gave the correct information. I bet the real reason you lost your job is because you did not get correct information.

Maybe you were asked for a Check number and did not give it because you did not pay attention. Could that be the reason you lost your job. Or perhaps it was your attitude that made you lose your job. Perhaps you were rude to those around you and had complaint's to your boss.

Do you yell at your co-workers and swear at them as well. Get a better attitude and you will get away. You cannot get your way yelling at people as proven when you lost your job.

They were rude to you, but you even admited you were rude to them so you got what you dished. If you can't take it than behave yourself.

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