This bank has destroyed my family. My husband is a broker and came over to Wells Fargo from UBS in 2007.

A large client my husband brought with him left a year later, and WF stopped paying my husband and demanded the bonus back. My husband worked diligently because it was either pay off the debt while spending down our savings, or be sued if he left. So, we lived at the poverty line borrowing money from family when ours was all gone, only to be terminated at 6 years into a seven year contract because he did not disclose to them he was borrowing money from family. THen they froze our checking account with the BORROWED money, not even ours.

WE have nothing left. Now they have yet to release the u5 that every broker needs to be hired by another company, so as the letters have started coming demanding repayment of bonus money, they are not letting him get another job and have fired him on a technicality while he was paying their money back. Oh, and did I mention he had a half a million dollars in deferred compensation sitting in an account at Wells Fargo that he brought over from UBS, payable on the 7th year? Gone.

They've stolen that too, because if he gets fired they get to keep it. This was a rotten, pre-planned wrongful termination. It was as unethical and dirty as it gets. From the banking to the broker side, I can't believe the things that they are allowed to do are legal.

They are as bad as it gets. It makes me afraid of all banks.

My husband and I will fight till our dying breath for justice and to bring what they did to light. It can't all be for nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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