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Here is the bottom line folks. I have read several of your comments on this site and all too familiar to all of us, which includes me.

What we all need to do is keep writing OVER and OVER and OVER with your complaints to all the agencies. We need to be patient. Sooner or later this is going to blow up on their faces and it will not just be WF. It will be all the mega-banks.

Bank of America will be the first one to go under, trust me on this. I have done very extensive research ever since the FRAUDCLOSURE word came into exsistance and have about 300 plus hours of study into this. Bottom line; the judges are finally getting it, the AG's are finally getting it and the government agencies are finally getting it.

As for attorneys who get it; very few and many have no cojones because they do not know the full story and do not know how to litigate against the banks. I am as frustrated as all of you in trying to find a truly competent, honest and ethical lawyer.

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Wells Fargo has denied our short sale twice and called today to see if we were letting it go foreclose next month. The offer denied was for $75,000 and we owe $84,000.

The foreclose amount they want is $103,000 which is higher than the $101,500 that was purchased for. Other properties in the same complex are selling for $65,000.

Can Wells Fargo hire some accountants so they can do the math? They also need to hire pleasant Customer Service people that are trained to tell the truth and really help the customers.


My car is in repo status I spoke with someone today to pay the amount in full however can I trust they won't pick up my car


i apply for a loan with well fargo in feb. of 2011 and got my pre-approval letter, found a home got an appraisal and set a closing date for June 30, 2011 recieved a call on June 28, 2011 that my loan had been deny.

ask why they stated because my 2009 disclosure income did not march up with IRS record. is this not just a BS. they has more than 3 month to verify those information. which i agree becuase my tax consultant made an error disclosing less of the my income to Irs.

i had an amendment file in May, 2011 and provided prove of the amandment being recieve by Irs. but some jack dicided he just going to be a jack. this is the worst company and i am going to sue them for discrimnation under the fair lending act and reform off all myexpense during appraisal and other requirements they needed including compensesion for incovienance and a $1000 for my excort diposite . will not recommend well fargo to any one in regards to banking affair or loan or any thing at all.

beware and stay away form well fargo. BEA