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I have not lost any money at this point. If I get late charges from my financial obligations that couldn’t process automatic payments, then I’m sure the fees will add up exponentially.

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My online banking said all my cards are restricted from transactions. I got emails from creditors that some of my bills did not go through and they are going to cancel some of my services.

Online said to call customer service which is open 24/7, so far I have been on hold with customer service now for an hour and 40 minutes. I was told that the wait would be 10 minutes. I will have to hang up after 2 hours because this is ridiculous. Last week I went to the drive up window to do a transaction that could not be done through ATM.

When I got there at 4:45pm, everything was closed down and no one was inside. The displayed hours and online said they were open until 5:00pm. To date, you cannot even go inside a bank for your business. This is yet another reason why I am ready to leave Wells Fargo bank.

I will change banks for all of my accounts and my families. Very disappointed!

User's recommendation: DANGER! DO NOT USE THIS BANK!!!! Run as fast as you can from Wells Fargo and find a bank that knows how to operate.

Preferred solution: An apology deliver on what they have documented online and after branches..

Wells Fargo Pros: At this point.

Wells Fargo Cons: Holding on phone for 10 min should be able to leave number, Liars and deceptive practices, Misinformation, Non-responsive to customer needs, All.

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