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My loan was taken with Wachovia Bank in 2005 for $97,000. In 2011 a suit was brought against me for non-payment; I immediately secured an attorney to answer for me and apply for a loan modification as the interest rate was 9+%.

My attorney attended two conferences and was not able to get anywhere. The court marked the case off on 3/4/14. Nothing was done from 3/4/14 to 7/2018 and for some reason the court allowed a dismissed case to move for summary judgment. I have been a paralegal for approximately 38 years and have never seen anything like it.

The time to move on a dismissed case is 1 year, not 3 1/2 years. Anyway, my attorney argued the motion and Well Fargo's attorneys lied to the court saying I did not live in my house; that my house was underwater due to Hurricane Sandy (also untrue); that I did not submit documentation to support my applications (I filed three and never received a formal denial until the motion). I would truly like to have someone contact me with a legitimate reason for the actions of Wells Fargo Bank.

I am truly disgusted and now have to spend more money making a motion for Wells Fargo's bath faith in resolving the matter amicably by allowing the modification.

Alyce M. Iavarone

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