Greeley, Colorado
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Don't ever use Wells Fargo Bank! I have a direct deposit and have never bounced a check, and I had checksgo through at the same time a deposit went in and they took the checks out before they credited the deposit which made me overdrawn.

I got charged over $200.00 in bounced check fees and they returned the check. I have another checking account with plenty of money that I was told provided overdraft protection so I wasn't concerned, but then after they took my money the *** tell me that they can't transfer funds from one checking account to the other. These business practices are outrageous.I know I was told I had overdraft protection, or I would never have let my account get too low. I asked the person on the phone to reverse the charges and was told "no".

I am taking all of my business elsewhere, but I also want my money back, and I think something to help other consmers should be done. Wells Fargo is horrible.

They need to be stopped. They are stealing from people and getting away with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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