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"Wise One" you sound like you are a part of Wells Fargo... hmmm.

But I need to tell you that you are not so wise, because the fact that we write on the internet DOES NOT mean we have internet in our houses, some use the internet at work, school, and local public library- like in my case.

I have been battling Wells Fargo for a few years now for a home mortgage modification. They either misplace my documents, deny me, or flat out refuse to speak to my usband and me. We used to own our own trucking business, we used to haul sand and gravel for local construction companies, business was doing good, so we purchased a home. About a year after we bought the home, the construction started to slump, and we lost our business. All of our life savings were used to pay bills and to stay afloat until we found other jobs. We applied everywhere even at the local McDonalds, but we did not have any luck for many months, and both my husband and I were unemployed for about a year, while actively seeking employment. In the meantime, we had been in touch with Wells Fargo updating them on our situation. Eventually we were forced to file for Bankruptcy, and we are now seeking a home mortgage modification. Both my husband and I have stable jobs, and we have no debts for the time being. And we wish to save our home, but Wells Fargo has placed us on Foreclosure and our sale date is October 31st... just weeks away from today. We are still making one desperate plea, in hopes to save our home, because we worked very hard to purchase it.

We have cut many expenses from our daily lives. We only own one car now, We buy only what we are going to eat, have no internet, we only have basic cable... which is 38 dollars per month, and yes we have NO internet.

So to Mr. or Mrs. "Wise One" please check the individual's situation before you talk.... Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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