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We opened an account a week ago today we had some trouble because 5 years ago my husband's identity was stolen and apparently the man who stole it had an account with them and defrauded them. After a lengthy investigation my husband was cleared of any wrong doing by the FBI and that was the end of it.

fast forward 5 years and my husband and i try to open an account at first they didn't want to open one with us but after explaining the situation they decided to let us open one. On friday of last week we get our debit cards in the mail and when we try to activate them they have already canceled them and are sending us new ones. well today i get a letter in the mail stating that they decided not to let us have an account after they already approved us and they are closing our account and the $300 dollars that we put in the account to open it will be mailed to us in 10 business days. I understand that they are trying to keep themselves out of trouble but my husband didn't do anything wrong.

The FBI cleared him and the guy who did all the bad stuff under my husband's name is in jail. They should not have approved us if they were so unsure instead of waiting a week and then denying us after my husband and i already swapped all our bills and direct deposit to this bank from our other one and closed the other account.

Now my husband and I have to start all over with another bank. Stay away from this bank they sit there and tell you that they are a good bank when the truth is they lie and according to some of the reviews on this site apparently i am not alone in that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Deposit.

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