As a merchant I like to call and verify funds on checks to make sure they will clear the bank. I never have a problem with any bank but Wells Fargo.

They could care less if a customer is writing bad checks. Last time I called was told "Its not our problem, if checks clear or not" Not only is this irresponsible as a financial institute but just plain idiotic.

Now, even if a good check comes in the shop I have to deny it, lose the sale, and *** off a customer. I do however make sure to let the customer know why I cant take the check and do my best to convince them to get a new bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Your thinking is so ***, why call and verify the funds over the phone? when you call there might be funds in the account but by the time you go to the bank and deposit the check and get it processed?


I'm surprised anyone pays by check anymore. A debit card is a much easier way to go and the money comes from the same account.

That being said what would you like Wells Fargo or any bank to do? Confiscate the checks from people who have written bad checks? If I take my check book and go on a shopping spree around town with $10 in my account my bank has no way of knowing this until the checks come pouring in. Then it is up to the bank to press charges, the police to arrest me and any merchants to try and collect whatever money they can including return check fees.

However no bank has the foresight to know I will be writing bad checks. Better off just not taking checks.


I suspect this varies from state to state. The original poster does not say what he is in, but here in Georgia is is NOT against the law to ask if a check will clear.

That is all they are allowed to tell you, is it good or not. But they are allowed to tell you.


The bank cannot release information about a customer's account balance. If you want to accept checks from your customers and protect yourself from fraudulent transactions, get one of those e-check machines. It processes the check on site immediately, before your customer leaves the store.


The reason Wells fargo denies your request is because WHAT YOUR DOING IS against the law. I would assume you were a scammer and refuse such a request. You should refrain from such an act for all banks before your arrested on identity theft.