Sacramento, California

I invested several thousand dollars about 5 yrs ago, now Wells Fargo has no idea where my money is or where it went. I have called numerous employees with Wells Fargo out of Elk Grove,Ca and some of them have never returned my calls, those that have returned my calls.

Tell me they don't know what I am talking about. I call them every single day since Nov.2010. Ask for the supervisor and apparently they don't have any supervisors in their office. They are never able to get me to a supervisor.

They are either on the away from the office, they are busy, they are on vacation.

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I think nika is spot on !

Go take your meds.


I assume you have paperwork to verify your claim of investment with Wells Fargo. If you do, then it should be no problem for them to look up the account number to see if it is active or not, etc.

If you have no paperwork, then I suspect you are either on medication or in the midst of an attack of senility. You may THINK you have money at Wells Fargo, but your former wife probably absconded with it to Mexico with the gardener.