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Just got two letters in the mail today from WF that are completely different! We have been trying to do a modification on our home loan. Sorry, my grammar is off because I am so mad I'm seeing red. Anyways, it's the same exact complaint that everyone else has said! They are lying cheating, b**tards!

1st Letter- "unfortunately, after carefully reviewing the information you provided we are unable to adjust the terms of your mortgage through HAMP because blah blah blah, some more ***, and you are current on your loan... What? We haven't been able to make a payment in 5 months.

2nd Letter- One day later they send this in the mail. "a review of your payment history shows that your mortgage loan is past due." Really? "We may have accepted and applied payments which were less than the amount required to reinstate your loan." Blah blah again " Any monies sent that are less than the total amount due will be returned."

There is some more unbelievable stuff in these letters but that would be too long for this post. Last week when my husband talked to them they said we were denied because of unsubmitted assets for $4,000. We have looked through all paperwork and can't find what they are talking about! Fraud, fruad, fruad!

You know what Wells Fargo? You can freakin' have it! The roof leaks,the floor creaks, and a child molester (criminal record checked) just moved in across the street! So there!

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Well some banks have no feelings towards its customers and wanted nothing but money. Do not use the bank that have given you problems and don't forget to tell your family and friends and everyone about your experience.

This will get their attention and hopefully will fixed their attitude. I'm sorry for your loss.


I have had the same issues. They can have the *** house!

I have tried and tried and first they put me on a trial program then keep asking me to reapply for a loan mod even though they've sent me to foreclosure, without my knowledge.

They need to be out of business! Worst mortgage company EVER!


well, the whole way that loans are defaulted on is wrong. and all i know is, i have a son 22 yrs old who is brain injury, and two others children in my home.

i put down a huge amount of money on this home, and i owned my 5 1/2 acres out right before i ever got a loan from wells fargo for my double wide modular home. there not getting my land, or my home. if there was a class action suit against them they would be paying a whole lot of peoples loans off to none owed to them.and be out of business.

they need to look at the big picture. because they are not above the law.


Larson- You sound like one of those sad lonely jerks that gets off on posting *** comments. Get some friends, get another hobby, chase parked cars...

This is my life they are messing with. I didn't put the reason why we are behind. My husband is a Loan Officer. That's right, and still couldn't make it happen.

Thanks to everyone else defaulting last year there are tighter laws on loan programs. He had loans in processing that fell through, ruining other people's lives first then ours. I can't work because my son has a brain injury that requires round the clock care on top of the fact our baby girl's kidney's are failing now! We had a year's savings and after starving and scrimping we ran out.

Don't you dare ever point fingers at the misfortune of other's. You never know what can happen...


WAA WAA WAA!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry