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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Written Correspondence

P.O. BOX 10335

Des Moines, Iowa

To Whom It May Concern:

I am in the process of relocating from Rio Grande, Puerto Rico to Amarillo, Texas as part of my job. I currently own a home in Puerto Rico that is financed by Wells Fargo. The company that employs me as a General Manager asked that I transfer to Texas.

On May 4th, 2009 I went out with a realtor provided by my company to find a new home. As part of the relocation package I am placed in temporary living until I can find a new home and upon closing all of my belongings are then transferred to my new home.

When I contacted the relocation specialist regarding the interest I had in a home I saw, and that I was interested in buying, I was instructed to call Wells Fargo to pre-qualify for a home loan. I called the number she gave me and spoke with a gentleman. He asked some questions such as SSN# etc., and then after a few moments informed me that I did not qualify for a home loan. I was stunned! When I asked why he informed me that it was because my credit score was below 600.

I will take a moment to let you know that I have never missed a payment on anything in my entire life. So when I asked how I could have a score that low he proceeded to tell me that it was because I had been late on 8 payments on my mortgage with Wells Fargo!

I told him that I had never missed a payment on anything. He then informed me that my wife had called a while back and asked if arrangements could be made to split one of our payments over 8 months. Apparently, my wife, in trying to appease my daughters request for funds in order to change living arrangements in college, called Wells Fargo and made these arrangements without my knowledge. I had previously spoken with my daughter and had told her that I would not fund this change in her living arrangements.

However, the point is that Wells Fargo did not have my authorization to conduct this transaction. At no point in time did I ever authorize my wife as being able to conduct ANY transaction with Wells Fargo.

While I understand that my wife did this with my daughters best interest at heart, she states that no one at Wells Fargo told her she could not do it. Furthermore, no one informed her that this would have a negative impact on my credit score.

In this day and age of "Identity Theft" I cannot believe that an organization such as Wells Fargo would allow this type of thing to happen. I am completely disgusted with your position on this matter and demand that you take these late payments off of my credit report. Your company acted irresponsibly and I will not accept your punitive action towards me.

Should you decide to hold fast to your position, I will have no recourse but to assign this to my attorney.

I look forward to your decision and hope that you do the right thing.


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I had the same thing happen to me.

When I finished school I realized that I may not be able to make my mortgage payment for the first time in the nine and a half years since I had been in the place. I called Wells Fargo Mortgage to see if they could do any sort of a hardship program. They offered me a "special forbearance program". I asked specifically if my credit score would be effected and if my interest rate would change. I was told that my credit score would be intact and my interest rate would not change. I was further told that there would be a note placed on my credit score saying that I was on a repayment program, as I would be making "reduced" payments.

Six months later I tried to buy a car, only to find that my credit score had been thrashed by late mortgage payments.

It has now been nine months and I am STILL trying to finalize the modification and stop the recurring negative items on my credit report. I have complained to the FCC, and the BBB. I have sent my story to Senator Jeff Merkley, and he is sending a complaint on my behalf. I have been escalated to the "Presidential Offices" of Wells Fargo Mortgage. I have hired Lexington Law Firm to dispute all negative items on my credit report, and I STILL am going to have to hire a lawyer.

Go with a credit union. Ditch your bank. LET THEM FAIL.