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Update by user Apr 18, 2013

First, I don't care if you think this is BS or not, just go to another page. I have no time to make up stories but I do feel it is VERY important to share my experience so others can know and guage for themselves how to react.

On this issue ... I FINALLY managed to get someone in the bank to see me TUESDAY. A "wealth manager" or "private banker" girl sat down with me and looked into it.

I had EVERY BIT of mail that they claimed was returned. Apparently I was lucky enough to either get the right person, or someone in a good mood. They made the "proper adjustments" to the account they told me, of course, the best part of those "adjustments" was that I had to wait 48 hours to see my money back in the account.

SO ... as of now, nothing showing yet. They did actually take care of it and didn't admit to their mistake at all, but fixed it without an attitude so I'll take that as an apology :)

We'll see, I'll have to check tomorrow again to see if it is back in my account. BUT ... bear in mind, I sat a week with a pretty good chunk of money vaporized.

THAT, in and of itself, scares the living $h1t out of me!!

Update by user Apr 13, 2013

OH, lastly, so I don't get sued for slander by these *** I'll be posting copies of my statements before and after they "ABANDONED" my account through their OWN error and HORRENDOUS service and INCOMPETENT behavior. That is the only way to explain how they can treat me like this after being a customer there with loads of money in that armpit for nearly three decades. The NERVE of these arrogant SOB's.

Update by user Apr 13, 2013

I'm still fuming at these *** HOW they can JUSTIFY this will be amazing come Monday. I'll keep posting on this and any other site I can find on the web of this type. This story MUST be told.

If they don't straighten this out in five minutes first thing Monday morning, I will be posting the complaint I will be filing in Federal Court on Monday. I will further post every motion, every pleading and every aspect of how my legal battle with them goes.

Again, I'll update this post on Monday and if anyone reads this stuff, it may get interesting.

Original review posted by user Apr 13, 2013

INCREDIBLE THIS BANK! I log in today, my account, POOF, vanished. So, I'm a bit worried, but maybe there's an explanation. I call customer service and say, "uh, one of my account is missing, with a pretty good chunk of change in it..."

The guy says, "Oh, yeah, your mail was returned to us, so the account has been ABANDONED, there's nothing I can do, so it's not available anymore. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

AMAZING ... this bank is the WORST ON THE PLANET!


They have my EMAIL, they have my PHONE number and they have my ADDRESS. NOTHING, NOTHING at all from these jack holes. Not only that, but I HAVE EVERY STATEMENT, NOTHING was returned to them. Not even an email or a phone call nothing ... for THIS AMOUNT OF MONEY are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!?

Don't laugh at Cypress and other countries threatening to STEAL YOUR MONEY FROM YOU ... IT IS HAPPENING NOW in this country.

Apparently now I will have to SUE THEM and spend tens of thousands of dollars to GET MY OWN MONEY BACK?!?

WOW, Monday is going to be a *** storm in that place. So I have to sit through two days of stomach turning pain and suffering probably to just have a freaking STROKE on Monday when they give me the SAME ATTITUDE when I walk in that ARMPIT of a bank and get some "greeter" that's as much of a jack hole as the on the phone today.

Amazing, NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER bank with these CRIMINALS!

Courtesy is their motto, MY *** HOLE, they are just criminals hiding behind thousands of pages of account agreements and legal BS.

NEVER, EVER, EVER Trust these *** Your money depends on it.

I'll try to follow up Monday, but as of now, they have STOLEN MY MONEY and God knows they'll have some *** "rule" that THEY BROKE or made a mistake and did not follow which they used to steal my money.

I hate them with every molecule in my body, everyone should do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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Sounds like an escheated issue, were transactions made on the account often?

Hope the problem was fixed, best of wishes.


You sound as if you need some serious help.If your account was ABANDONED you can go thru "UNCLAIMED PROPERTY"To get your money back,But it is going to be hard to get this money back.I am going thru the samething but for a different reason.My brother passed away and J P MORGAN CHASE BANK did not want to give me his money that was in their bank,Even though my name was on his DEATH CERTIFICATE as the next of KIN.In the end these *** people at J P MORGAN CHASE BANK sent the money to "TEXAS UNCLAIMED PROPERTY"SUSAN COMBS OFFICE FOR THE STATE OF TEXAS and Now i have to send all sort's of paperwork to prove i am due this money.I was informed it would take at lease (3-4)MONTHS before they could make a decision no weather they would return this money to me.What a waste of TIME and ENERGY.So we will have to wait and See what happen's in the end.


YES ... I researched "abandoned property" and found what you mention above to be true.

This is why I was SO frantic. How many months or years would it take to get my money back from the State, if at all? I don't trust banks or the government at all and this is why it is such a ridiculous position to be in. I was VERY fortunate to have got the right person on the right day who actually resolved the issue for me ...

well ... so far ... it's not available yet, but they did SAY they fixed it.

We will see. Good luck with your issue, I am SO happy I found this out before it went that far and I was out the money for months or perhaps indefinately!


The only *** is you for posting such a lie on the internet! Grow up and take your MEDS!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin