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The worst bank in America, a total rip off. I forgot to make a payment on my credit card so they called me. I gladly decided to arrange a payment on a specific date. I asked the customer representative at least 5 times about the available balance after I make the payment. She assured me that once I make the payment, the very next I'd be able to use the card again. Guess what? The payment went through last night and today my credit card account has been closed. I called the customer service and the representative said he could only apologize for misinforming me. Not just one but 2 more reps lied to me and fooled me to make a payment and never disclosed the fact that my account would be closed once the payment goes through.

That's not it. They have charged me at least $5000 in fines and charges since I have opened an account with them. Isn't there any law that could teach them a lesson? Does Wells Fargo only serve rich people? Is it not a bank for middle class or middle-lower class?

Shame on you Wells Fargo, I pity your business ethics. How many more people will have to suffer to get this freaking bank closed? So glad they lost the law suit last year for the over draft fees case.

A request to all the readers: Please do not bank with them. Close your Wells Fargo Accounts. Let them go bankrupt, let them suffer too.


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Wells Fargo is a scam. Especially online banking.

They post everything to your account as pending, then put some things through then after a deposit posts they switch everything around. I keep a very strict register. I had an available balance last night of 75.00 with 2 transactions pending which were less than 75.00. My direct deposit went through at midnight in the amount of 300.00 and there was nothing pending.

Then a few hours later I get a notice of overdraft that 4 transactions, the 2 pending and 2 that had posted 2 days before that they had all of the sudden posted right BEFORE my direct deposit! Seriously this happens all the time and I have screen shots! I'm not incompetent, nor ignorant, I know the difference between pending and non pending debit card transactions. I have tons where the transactionsare pending one day, no longer pending, they went through, then they are pending again just to make me not aware of how much is actually in my account at any given time.

And forget about checks. I know they hold on to them for awhile to see if you drop below at any time. They wait weeks to cash my rent check for years, (I know I deposit it myself) then the second I am a dollar short in my account they cashed it immediately(within 24 hours) UNPAID for a dollar!

Normally itoesn't clear for 2 weeks! Then they make sure to process the highest amount first so if you do go under by like 2.45 in 3 seperate transactions of 75 cents they can hit you with 120.00 in fees and refuse to refund anything.


I am very upset with wells fargo. My son has been banking with them for 2yrs.

Had money in savings and they refused him a six thousand dollar loan. Even had a co-signer with high credited score, but still was refused. I think that this bank is only for the rich people that already have money, not for middle class or lower class people. Real people that have to work hard for their money or young people that are trying to have something to establish credit this bank doesn't seem to want to help you instead you are treated like a static.

Not a person that's working hard and trying to have something.



The first words of this complaint say it all " I forgot to make a payment on my credit card" God forbid the bank lend you money and want it back on time. YOU made a mistake and YOU pay the price.

For all the fees you incurr it's probably because you can't manage your money properly. If you can't follow the rules of the bank then you will usually pay a fee. So don't overdraft your account all the time and you wont get ton's of fees. pretty simple I think.

Maybe you should just not have an account and pay a fee to cash your paychecks at a check cashing place; but then again your paying fees there also.

remember anytime you want a company to do something for you it will probably cost money. So get ready for that, it's gonna be a rough ride through life if you think things are gonna be free.


Wachovia went out of business because everything was free. Wells fargo bought them out to help save the economy that we created.

If u don't like wells fargo go to another bank.

Were tired of hearing how u hate wells fargo. We hate wachovia customers expecting us to give them free money...and tbh most wachovia members are ignorant kids with a dollar in there account.

@sally wells

Okay, I will admit I have made some boo boos with my money. Everybody makes them, sometimes you even have to bounce a check in an emergency.

With that said, I have had it with Wells Fargo. Their customer service is horrible. I was with them for 8 years, paid off a 10k loan. I had a very bad month, sick with pneumonia, ended up foolishly bouncing two checks which cause other checks to bounce. I asked for mercy, because i ended up spending over $200 in fees that I could not afford. I didn't ask for complete clemency, just for them to take 2 or 3 of the 6 charges off. Their answer? No. Not their fault. Can't help me, not even with 2 of the $35 overdraft fees.

Let it be stated that $35 as an overdraft fee is too high to begin with; however, that's not even the main point. Wells Fargo, on multiple occasions, messed up my deposits and one time on a holiday weekend, which left me broke for 3 days with no access to my money. Where was my recompense for their boo boo? Nothing, because banks are god ( in their minds) and they owe nobody anything except excuses to suck money out of their "valued clients." If you work there, good for happy you have a job, but the rest of us who have been on the receiving end of Wells Fargo's ***? Worst bank in the world....


I had my accounts with Wachovia. Unfortunately, Wachovia is now Wells Fargo, and that is the WORST thing that could have ever happened.

When it was Wachovia, the staff were helpful, and they did what they could to make me happy. Now, its more of how can they charge me as many fees as possible and make sure the bank is ALWAYS right even when THEIR customer service reps screwed up. As soon as I get a chance, I am going to close my accounts with them and when I do I am going to make it crystal clear why.

Wachovia was #1 in customer service for 7 years running. Wells Fargo is probably going to be last from here on in.


I agree with you Duch, I hope people would understand and stop banking with Wells Fargo.


Wells fargo has charged me at least $200 since I opened my account last year. That is ridiculous regarding the fact that I am a full-time student and have appreciation for every penny.

Every time I contact them, they seem incompetent and keep saying that they cannot waive my charge because they don't consider it a bank error. Added to that, last week I received a message from them stating that I will be charged $15 every month effective November because I don't keep $7500 in my account nor have a home mortgage.

I am going to the closest branch next and closing mu account. If Wells Fargo isn't the worst bank, then which one is it ?


So now Well Fargo has been paying their employees to find bad wells fargo critiques on the world wide web, deny the facts posted by pissed customers and post positive comments. It's all good bro, I can totally understand since you are getting paid to do this. Only the customers who have been suffering know the real facts.


I see comments like this and they make me laugh. All I see is, "I can't manage my money," or "I over spend".

Sure Wells Fargo sucks, every bank sucks. Especially if you can't manage your money.

The fact is Wells Fargo is the only US bank that made the top 50 stable banks in the world. It sucks, but unfortunately, it's the safest place to have your money in the U.S.


*** this bank worst bank ever!!!!!!! really you dont even save money you lose money using wells fargo


Word for word, I've seen this complaint for numerous banks. Just substitute the name of the bank, then copy and paste into any blog.


They didn't charge me $5000 of fines on my credit card. I was just talking in general about the checking account I have with them.

Basically the overdraft or monthly service fees. Get it now?


With all the penalty charges you seem to have incurred, I can see why Wells Fargo cancelled your card---you are a bad risk and probably should not have a credit card. Don't blame the bank. Blame yourself for irresponsibility.