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Words can't really explain the 7 month monstrosity I am dealing with, with Wells Fargo.If they were a child they would have been dropped on their head several times after birth.

I am not one to give up and have always held my head high for this characteristic, however Wells Fargo, you have broken me. You and your amazing ability of not not knowing your bottom from a hole in the ground, while also so being inefficient in everything you do is simply amazing! I am now reaching 7 months of what was told to me would be a 90 process. I have taken this matter to the executive office, they are just slightly more competent, however I'm sure they still can not dress them selves in the morning with out help.

I'm sorry for anyone who has their loan bought out by them.

For those who are doing their research, this customer of five years is telling you that living in your parents basement and having a hot plate and microwave would be better then having a mortgage with Wells Fargo.I wish only to win the power ball simply to use all of it in suing this horrific company.

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