Wells Fargo would lie when they could tell the true.They do not want to work with people they only want to foreclosure on them.

I'm so glad the goverment gave them money to help everyone I KNOW OF NO ONE THAT HAS GOTEN ANY HELP BUT WELS FARGO.They are not about helping only helping wells fargo take your home and money ......they suck why are all the american people going thru this and wells fargo is enjoying this they get raises and have not felt any hardship they are like sharks circling on the weak im tried

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With bailout funds, Fannie Mae and Freddie mac insurance, why would banks modify except in cases of underwater mortgages where they would lose money. Washington only takes care of its own and its friends.


With bailout money from Washington, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mar, where is the incentive for banks to modify loans except in cases of mortgages under water where the banks would lose if homeowners walked away?

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