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On April 8, 2014 I was discovering fraud multiple transactions on my account from another ATM. I went to my Bank, Well Fargo in Bellflower, California, they told me that ATM is not the Branch responsible. You have to call customer service, 1(800) 869-3557.

I called and told them, all that transaction I did not do it. You have to call Claim Dept. (800) 548-9554, I will transfer you to the Dept. The lady answered the phone, I told her the story and asked her to checked my statement so she can see what I said.

First, she asked me did you change the address and tel. no. on April the 3,2014? I stay in this house for 20 years never change also use the same phone more than 10 years. she asked me right away you me to update your add. I said yes.

Then she told me the other person on the account did changed it. I said no we both look in the account before I came to the Bank. I have my card and never write pin any where. Then I asked her can you tell me who changed my Add and Tel., she said you have to call customer service. I asked her name, I can't tell you. So she gave me the claim No. and said it will take 30-90 days.

I called customer service, the lady said you have to call claim Dept. I'm getting no where, I asked to see the branch manager, he is not in at the moment.

I went to the bank almost every day, the teller told me to call customer service so I did. The lady suggested that I should closed account and transfer the fund to new account so I did.

Not even 15 days I got letter form claim Dept. on April 15,2014 stated that the research had completed base on information available we found that your account was charged correctly. Please consider your claim closed. Then I call back again asked who authorized to change my Add, and Tel.. They told the name of a lady who authorized to changed which I reported to the police. Then I asked to reopen, the man to answer the say no.

I need help desperately , I am in debt now and do not where to tune to.

Suda Engkaninan

Monetary Loss: $4009.

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No more phone calls! Personal visits with the local branch manager, preferably when there are lots of people in the bank and written letters, mailed by Certified Mail. Maybe a small claims action would help.