Richmond, Virginia
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We called customer service to verify why my deposited pay was put on hold for a week, despite the fact the check was issued by a major employer and major bank. The customer service rep. who spoke to my husband about our account balance told him that the amount was put on hold because that is what banks do, and Wells Fargo can do it too. They can also charge numerous overdraft fees when electronically scheduled payments do not clear because the money is still on hold at least 5 days after it was deposited. What incentive would they have for processing our deposits? It doesn't do them any good, and as the rep. made it clear to my husband- if it causes trouble for us, too bad that is what banks do.

A perfectly logical explanation from an apathetic employee for us to be unable to access the funds that pay mortgage, groceries, and other items.

Regardless of bank policy, customers should not be treated like this. The response was so callous and disrespectful that it requires a response.

Unless people take the time to push for change, this is just going to be the way things are. The first change I am going to make is to a new bank. Too bad Wells Fargo has taken over my previous one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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