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It is very unfortunate that Wells Fargo does not have a customer protection plan in place and does business with crooked used car dealerships. A week after purchasing the vehicle in an amount of over $20,000 I realized the lemon that was sold to me by Boston Foreign Motors.

I ordered a car fax and found out the car had been in an accident and had suffered significant damage to the body of the car. They didn't even have the decency to repair the car with original parts. So, I decided to contact Wells Fargo to see if they could help me in anyway. Their response was that I signed the paper work and it was my problem.

However, I was told the paper I was signing was to verify my credit, but to my surprise it was actually signing off on a loan. I explained this to Wells Fargo and again they stated it was my problem I should have read the paper work better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I bought a car from Boston Foreign Motors, in June 2011. And I can honestly say this, DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE.

Along with the car, they insisted that we purchase the extended warranty through them.

We trusted them and went as they recommended. This year (almost after a year) I called the warranty company because I had an issue with the car and came to find out that the warranty did not even exist. I spoke to Shaun, the sales person there and then to the owner Milat, however they both insisted that I did not buy the warranty, when I clearly have the warranty papers in my hands. After going back and forth..

Milat finally confessed that he had forgotten to put the warranty in the system and that he would do it that day. However I had to wait two weeks to file a claim. Milat was supposed to call us back to confirm and never did. My husband and I called him many times and each time ..we were told that he was either not in the office or away from his desk.

It was at that moment my husband and I decided to confront him in his office When confronted, Milat asked us to leave his office and that he would not help us. I told him the reason why we were so upset was because I have an infant that I need to take to the doctor pretty often for check ups and that I was concerned that the car might be unsafe to drive. He showed no remorse and ordered us to leave his office.

He clearly told us that he would not help us. We are considering taking him to the court.


I agree. The guys at Boston Foreign Motors cannot and should not be trusted.

They promise to fix things in the car, then after they get your money, they won't honor anything that they said. The owner can never be reached and is a real ***. They have many bad reviews.

I hope they go out of business soon.

@Screwed by BFM

I purchased a 2011 Volvo XC60 T6 that was falsely advertised online, on the phone, and in person by Boston Foreign Motor, 523 Cambridge Street Allston, MA 02134, as containing a Technology Package valued at $2100 that it does not contain. The vehicle also has excessive cosmetic damage that Boston Foreign Motor did not disclose before I traveled to Boston from 1000 miles away to pick-up the car, despite numerous detailed inquiries about the cars condition, including failure to disclose the presence of a hairy white dog that lived in the cargo area who's fur has infiltrated the air conditioning/ heating system causing an odor throughout the vehicle and potentially a very costly repair in the future.

Boston Foreign Motor also claimed the 30,000 mile service on the car was done and it was not. Boston Foreign Motor replaced 3 tires on the vehicle with cheaper, inferior tires to the 1 factory tire they left behind, even though they swore the replacement tires were all identical. AWD vehicles require 4 identical tires for safety and performance, something BFM clearly knows. In addition, Boston Foreign Motor advertised the vehicle as having had 1 prior owner, when there were 2 prior owners, that all service records were available but refuse to provide them, and that the vehicle had "No Visible Dents" and was in "Excellent" condition, when there are more than 3 visible dents and more than 2 dozen deep scratches, dings, stains, tears, etc., on the vehicles exterior and interior, many non-repairable.

There are countless online complaints against Boston Foreign Motor with the BBB and other agencies. They are a "family business", owned by Esmail Farahani and mis-managed by Milad Farahani, of liars and conmen, plain and simple. There is no way possible that they did not know the car did not have the Technology Package or about any of the other damage to the vehicle and it is not believable that they did not know about the hairy white dog. The cargo area was covered in layer upon layer of dog hair and rotten dog food that migrated all the way down to the spare tire well, under the non-removable backseats and into the cooling and heating system.

It is illegal and highly unethical to withhold information that will affect the long-term mechanical operation of a used vehicle at sale (dog hair in the cooling/ heating system) or to advertise vehicle options that the vehicle does not contain. I have spent more than $3,500.00 on repairs, maintenance (that I was repeatedly told was already done), and a replacement tire and alignment. Boston Foreign Motor has categorically refused to settle this matter in good faith despite being contacted by my attorney, the Better Business Bureau, the Massachusetts Independent Automobile Dealers Association (MIADA), and the MA Attorney General's Office. After weeks of Milad Faranhani running up my legal bills but refusing to provide his attorney's contact information, he finally agreed to send a check for $800.00 to conclude this matter (which is far less than the $3,500.00 I have spent repairing the car and doesn't make up for the lack of Technology Package) but he never sent the check to my attorney as he promised in writing to do.

Boston Foreign Motor are LIARS and they don't give a *** about anything or anyone except their bottom line. As another online complaint about Boston Foreign Motor stated: “Coercive, discourteous, and misleading are the words I would use to describe the way in which business is conducted at this dealership.”