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The beginning of the year I purchased two health insurance policies for my children. I used my wells fargo debit card to make the first premium (arround $200 ea).

Before my policy started I decided not to go with the insurance and had them cancel the policy. During this time my debit card had fraud issues and I was forced to be sent a new card/number. After going around and around with the insurance company I was finally refunded one of the policies a few months later. Even though the debit card had been closed the refund was made right away with no issues.

Again after going back and forth with insurance company a few weeks ago I was sent an email stating that the 2nd policy refund would be processed that day. So here it is now no refund has been processed to my account. Today I contacted a Wells Fargo banker and explained the situation. With no real explination as to what what happening, I was given a claim number and transfered to their claims department.

Again, I explained to this claims person the situation. He placed me on hold for about 5 minutes, after he said he had to research the complete debit card number that the purchase had be placed on. After already thinking he was not a friendly person, he came back on the line stating he found the card number and asked very rudely and intrusively why did it take so long to get a refund and what was this purchase for. I had to explain to him this, which really didn't seem to have to matter as to what the issue was.

Then he asked after a 2nd time of me already telling him, what the day of refund was supposed to be. Seeming not to understand why I was calling, I cut him off stating that the reason I believe this is not being refunded is because this debit card had been closed awhile back. He stated that I would need to ask the insurance company to send a check to me instead of refunding it back to my debit card. I explained that I had spoken with the insurance company and they had told me that the refund had already been completed and can only issue refunds back to original payment and that my bank would need to either send me a check or accept the refund to my account.

He then went into a law, which I completely understand if this is the law, I need to wait 15 days and if refund is not completed I could contact them back. He stated that the claim would be denied today and closed.

After the 15 days I can call them back and reopen the claim. I think I could have taken all of this in better, if and only if I was not given the run around with this claims rep and he was more understanding of the situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Rule number 1 never ever use debit card for online purchases or other recurring payments.always use a credit card.