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What's the corporate phone number

My husband and I deposited a check into our account and they are staying it will take up to 12 days for the check to clear. Same amount that we deposit every month and a half without any issues.

Why with this check, there is a hold on our funds.

We need to pay rent and can't do that with our funds being on hold. I want my money back so I can go-to a new bank

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Wells Fargo customer service could be reached by phone at 1-800-869-3557 (general banking) or via the support form on PissedConsumer website.

Can my car 2018 Nissan Amada get deferral. Cause my hardship moment.

by Sanjuanita

I get hardship for now .my job time drop hours.

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Waiting for stimulus check

I thought it would go into my direct deposit checking acct.

1 answer
Im waiting for my stimulus check. I have direct deposit. They said that direct deposit would go into peoples acct.

What are Wells Fargo pros and cons?

1 answer
According to Pissed Consumer, Well Fargo currently has 1.5 out of 5 stars. The rating is based upon the feedback of consumers left in 420 reviews. More than 1,600 reviews were compiled to create ratings in customer service, product and service quality, and website. In both customer service and product and service quality, Wells Fargo reviews left the company only one star out of a possible five. You may check out more details regarding this issue given in the article “Capital One vs Wells Fargo Pros and Cons of Online Banking”.

What reward programs does Wells Fargo offer?

1 answer
According to the Wells Fargo FAQ page, you can earn Wells Fargo rewards on certain credit cards. The Wells Fargo FAQ section about the Go Far Rewards program offers specifics about how to earn and use the Wells Fargo rewards earned through the card. According to the FAQ page, you can redeem your Go Far Rewards in a range of ways, from unique travel experiences to merchandise, and more.
You can even get gift cards for family and friends, or redeem Go Far Rewards to an eligible Wells Fargo account. There are also Wells Fargo promotions on other credit cards. The current Wells Fargo promotions are featured on the website page dedicated to opening a Wells Fargo credit card. The current offers include 30,000 additional bonus points on the Propel American Express when you spend $3000 in the first three months. There are also Wells Fargo promotions that feature lower introductory APRs or bonus cash offers.
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