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I made a deposit for a large amount on 09/12/2018 and I asked for 400.00 back from my deposit and it was given to me ok and I was told that my money would be available the next day which it was. So the next day I went into the branch in to withdraw 26,0000.00 the teller looked at me as if I stole something and the personal banker was also all up in my business and was told that I had to make a appointment to withdraw that kind of money and was also told that they don't have that kind of money available and that I can get a cashiers check ok so that was fine with me but the kicker is when the teller went to print the system had timed out and it made it seem as if the cashiers check had printed and not only that but if also gave me a 0 bal when I had more money in my account so with that being said they could not find my money for 4 hours.

Finally the money was found and I told them to give me all of my money and to close the account. Boy am I happy to be away from this crazy *** bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Treat every customer with respect. .

Wells Fargo Cons: Customer service, Person was basically calling me a lyer, Rudeness.

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