Sarasota, Florida
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Wells Fargo charged me $12.50 to transfer money from Well Fargo account to Wells Fargo Account when they stated i could have pulled money from savings and deposited into checking at atm for free. These "I'm not rich enough fees" only hurt customers.

I spoke to customer service rep.

she was very rude and short, stating this company policy has been in effect since they Wachovia buyout, I've never seen such a fee until now and this has occurred in the past.

Looks like I'll be closing this account and moving to Chase where they don't even charge overdraft fees if money is in account within 24 hours of overdraft. Well Fargo needs to learn a lesson from ING and Chase, "I'm not rich enough fees" are taxing the customer for some computer generated transfer is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I just say that my account was charge 12.50 - 15 times! I am soooo angry.

We have stuck with this bank through everything...

We began with 'Fleet' and stayed and stayed.We are getting out of this bank. I didn't put our names onto two lawsuits - and I could have.I'm so done.


Wells Fargo is a den of thieves. All of its corporate officers belong in prison until they day they die.