My issue seems small comparatively-BUT I am sick to death of customer service hospitality-- when I go to the bank I am in a hurry and just need to get my business taken care- I don't have time for or need small talk-how's your day-what are you doing today, did you have a good weekend.. how bout some water-everyone well in the family- would you like a candy-where are you going for the holiday weekend-- just shut up and take care of my banking and stop butting into my personal business.. I'm perfectly find with a good morning or afternoon how can I help you--that way they can pay attention to business and I can be finished in a timely manner

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree!!! This new form of the over friendly interaction is not better customer service.

It feels forced and intrusive. But it is now Wells Fargo's mandate for their employees. If only WF would put this energy into real customer service. Things like no more nickel and dime tactics with their fees, not using predatory loan tactics, and changing their amoral big corporation tactics.

Customer service should feel like the person is valued and recognized as an intricate piece of the company's success. That is how my bank treated me before Wells Fargo bought them.

OMG do I miss that bank.


You sound like a perfect candidate for the ATM or online banking, think about it. Many humans like to make small talk with one another, they don't know you don't like it. You can fix this by interacting with machines instead of people.