I opened this type of checking account at Wells Fargo,because they say you have a second chance.I opened it on Saturday.I went on Wed. To cash a check,I was told there is a block on your account,you need to call this number.I called the number,I was told we are going to close your account,your name is on ck systems.I said you knew this when i opened it.She said oh yes,but we open it,and then loss prevention does further investigation.I was so upset and embarrased.What an awful thing to do to anyone.They had not contacted me,If I had not gone into the bank.I was also told,we will mail you your money in 10 days,I replied oh no you want,I want my money today.I was given my money.I advise you,if you are going to this bank,to open any kind of account,make sure loss prevention is cleared.I have never of such a thing.I think they made this up,to avoid telling me the real reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Location: Provo, Utah

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You all can get an account with usaa anyone can get a checking accoint with them u don't have to be in military and u can be in check aystems yes its in texas but it is a good bank you get all of your atm fees back and other ways to get money back :)


they are no longer accepting non-military account as of 08-24-13


The *** you DON'T have to be in the Military to join USAA! They REQUIRED ME to send in a copy if my DD-214!

REQUIRED! For all you non serving people - that is the paper that proves you were in the military.

They give it to you when you get out. USAA verifies EVERYTHING!


Oh yeah, they did the same thing to me, kind of. I had a regular acc0unt and when I wanted to close it and open a new one, it had to be an "opportunity" account.

***! Anyhow, you cannot deposit to an atm with your Debit card with this type of account, and they have to night deposit box.

I work till 7pm every night, cannot make deposits at all! Worthless!


I opened my Opportunity Checking account in May. It took them three months to send me an actual debit card, as promised in their advertising for the account. They kept sending ATM cards.

Each time I would have to go into a branch, have them cancel the card I had in my hand and do their bit to order an actual debit card. In the space of two months, I received six different ATM cards with five different attempts to get a debit card (two ATM cards came on the same day).

I work more than an hour from home, 9-5, M-F. The closest WF branch is more than half an hour away from work, and I get half an hour for lunch. This means the ONLY time that I can actually go into a branch is on Saturday.

What this means is that when they cancelled my card to order the new one, I was completely without access to my funds because they were closed when I was not working and I had to go into a branch to withdraw cash.

Then today I tried to deposit a $1,000 check at the ATM. Because it's an "Opportunity" account, I cannot make a deposit through an ATM.

I had to take time off of work to deposit the check - and it was only AFTER the check was processed and cashed that the cashier informed me that, since it's an "Opportunity" account, they will hold the entirety of the funds until Monday (today is Thursday).

So tomorrow morning I'll be taking off work to go to the police station and file charges of felony theft by illegal retention.

I've had it with Wells Fargo Bank and will never, EVER do business with them ever again.


That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard...felony theft? For following the rules that are outlined in your paperwork, the privacy policy etc. you signed for account...if you don't understand it ask a question...***


I just open my wells fargo account its been open for 13days now. opportunity check has giving me a second chance that's wells fargo


It happened to me too :(


I have had a WF Oppertunity Checking Account For about 9 months now, I won't say I hate this account but it is a real Oppertunity Checking account, I have never had any problems with my account, cause they won't allow anything to happen, no atm deposits, no transfer your olny allowed to withdraw a certian amount of your own money so with that said it is a good sart for someone who has had checking acoount problems in the past, I just recently got approved with chase but they suck already fees are way to high.. I say if you get approved through WF bank keep that avvount for as long as you can, then they will work with you, as far a opening a regular account, then a credit card, then loans..


So "unfair" let me present this situation to you. You come in to Wells Fargo having been declined by other banks to open an account.

Obviously having a bank account is a necessity to you due to the fact that you have been turned down at multiple financial institutions and yet you try Wells Fargo. "Mr. Unfair, after discussing your account history with you we now need to send your information for screening and an extensive background check which (don't know if you've taken a background check recently) can take up to 3 months depending on how many states and counties you've lived in as well as your criminal and financial history for each state and county. How does that sound to you?" ....

Keep in mind how pissed you are when you have to wait 10 minutes to make a deposit. Doesn't seem very logical.


I was on check system s and every. bank.denied.


but Wells's Fargo. time second. chance. apportunity.

checking I had it. for one year. in good standing. then pine day.

my was eligible. for preferred. checking. and savings.

I never. though.

that day will. happened :)


How long did it take to get upgraded, and did you have to request or did it happen automatically?


my glad your got this straigten out,

as for us we never were in the check system and wellsfargo said we were, they only neg about us is bankrucy 8yrs ago,also we have been with wellsfargo over a year in june 2012


If you went through bankruptcy that would be why you were placed in an opportunity account. The opportunity account is only opened when you A.

Appear on chexsystems or B. Have had negative history with other financial institutions in the past thus affecting your credit report. Bottom line is you need atleast 'Okay' credit for you to be in a normal account (I.E. able to use atm for cash/check deposits, overdraft/advance services).

Once you've been flagged as someone with negative account info you're pretty much screwed in terms of opening another account else where...not to mention most representatives are held accountable for opening your account and most arent willing to risk their jobs for your mistakes. Sorry bud...


For the most part this happen to me and my husband. Our account was open but closed the next week.

I was informed I was ok but apparently my husband was listed in check system for fraud. A previous personal banker put his ss# in wrong one digit off and this sent a fraud alert.

They advised us to go to the pervious bank that put him in check system's and correct the ss#. Now everything is fine had my acct over a yr and was then converted to a regular wells fargo acct.


I'm glad you shared your experience with me. I was about to inquire about this so that I could open up an account with them, based on the reckage of my present and past.

This was very helpful from a few of you so thank you. In terms of the nasty remarks....somethings are better left unsaid then said.


Interesting story. I have always had BofA.

I screwed it up after being laid off from BofA. I applied to WF and Chase. THey both opened the account and then after they checked Early Warning Systems they both closed the accounts. I paid off BofA and they opened me up a new account with no restrictions.

Now I work for WF and because I am an employee they opened up the opportunity account for me. I hate that account.

I cant make ATM deposits, transfer money online, etc. I have my WF paycheck being direct deposited into my BofA account lol.


Patrick- I'm just wondering, if you don't mind, what type of account were you able to open with Chase considering Wells Fargo closed your "Opportunity Checking" account. Someone else told me they opened one with Chase as well, but it was similar to the Wells Fargo one except they don't close the account.

Thanks in advance for your response. Happy Holidays!


Patrick- where you able to open a regular checking account with Chase after being deceived by Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking?


Funny thing is, this happened to me to with Wells Fargo, but i had no problem getting an account at Chase Bank

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