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I opened this type of checking account at Wells Fargo,because they say you have a second chance.I opened it on Saturday.I went on Wed. To cash a check,I was told there is a block on your account,you need to call this number.I called the number,I was told we are going to close your account,your name is on ck systems.I said you knew this when i opened it.She said oh yes,but we open it,and then loss prevention does further investigation.I was so upset and embarrased.What an awful thing to do to anyone.They had not contacted me,If I had not gone into the bank.I was also told,we will mail you your money in 10 days,I replied oh no you want,I want my money today.I was given my money.I advise you,if you are going to this bank,to open any kind of account,make sure loss prevention is cleared.I have never of such a thing.I think they made this up,to avoid telling me the real reason.

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Mar 10 #1125315

Wells Fargo is a trick bank. I just had the same thing happen to me. If this is an opportunity account then that means "we are giving you an opportunity to rebuild your banking relationship. The have a good idea to offer people the opportunity but their security department gets in the way and destroys the opportunity for people. It doesn't make any since.

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Jan 11 #1092922 Las Vegas, Nevada

I opened up a Opportunity Package checking account with Wells Fargo last year. In order to do that, I had to schedule an available appointment on their website. One day before the appointment, a banker contacted me to confirm it. When I opened the checking account, I had to have $50.00 in cash to get everything started. The banker gave me a temporary debit card to use until the new card was shipped out. She did explain to me that I couldn't make cash deposits using their ATM. When I was making a cash deposit, the teller did tell me that I can still make a deposit using their ATM, regardless of the checking account.
To prevent fees, I was recommended by the banker to do paperless statements, since they do charge extra for paper. Also, I have to do at least ten transactions by debit card, take out a limit of $310.00 in cash per day and have a total of $750.00 per month for deposits.
Hopefully, my checking will be upgraded to a regular checking account very soon.

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Jan 05 #1089345

I understand second chance accts are for ppl that screwed up in the past but I just really wana know WHY in the Devils mind can't ppl deposit money through the ATM??? These ppl aren't in debt for depositing money!! Or why can they only withdraw $310 daily of their OWN money otherwise they have to go inside the bank ? What if it's the weekend and something comes up WF is closed they'll be screwed til Monday! These ppl aren't in debt for spending their own cash! It's money loaned that they're in debt! Second chance Accts should consist of no overdrafts, THATS IT! If you can't overdraft you can't go in debt, unless they start piling hidden fees but those are affordable, other restrictions are BS! As a bank you can tell someone yu won't loan them money because they screwed up before but You cant tell someone what to do with their own money, that's where the bad reviews start lol

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the E

Feb 07, 2015 #942426 Sarasota, Florida

I had a checking account with the bank for 7 years, they changed it a year ago to deposit a buck in a linked savings account every time i used the card. lets say 60 dollars goes in and you make a purchase that "overdrafts" your checking and it takes from the savings. do this 4 times in a month it would charge me 10 dollars, oh well no biggie I paid all the fees every time and closed the account because i stopped working and wasnt using the card cuz it had no money in it and would get charged 10 dollars for not using it 10 times a month. Well I waited until i got a new job with direct deposit before I opened a new account, and now I have this opportunity checking thing? I had 7 years no problems and a platinum card with a 500 dollar daily atm withdrawal limit, it was only after I got home and read the paperwork and looked up the information online when I figured out they gave me a "restricted" type of account? thanks a lot smh wells fargo, I knew I should have gone to chase.

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Nov 18, 2014 #902614 Anchorage, Alaska

I have never had an issue with Wells Fargo. I have had accounts with the. For over 15 years and they treat me excellent. I have my checking, savings, brokerage and mortgage with them and a credit card. I walk in, they know my name, they treat me like a king. I think the only people that have had issues with them must be people that can't handle their finances and make mistakes then blame it on the banks because it's never their own fault.

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Jan 22 #1099298

Maybe you shouldn't be so judgemental. Maybe you should read what the people are saying before you assume that ir can't possibly be the bank because you have never had any problems.I have never had problems with Wells Fargo but I have known people who have. Good for you that you haven't and lets hope it stays that way but check out some of the class action lawsuits against them or stories about people losing their homes when they weren't even behind. Just something to think about.

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Oct 11, 2014 #883281 Tampa, Florida

No every bank does this. When you open an account they pull a report. Then back office does another investigation. You will get this at any bank. Best thing to do is make sure your reports are accurate and that you pay off old debts

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Aug 29, 2014 #863212

My wife and I are stuck with this opportunity checking. There are no Wells Fargo locations nearby, so we have to drive 20 minutes to get to the bank if we need to make a deposit. There is an ATM right down the street, but we can't deposit through it. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if the whole need for the opportunity checking account hadn't been Wells Fargo's fault in the first place. I had previously had an account with them and Wells Fargo allowed an unapproved, unknown 'educational service' to withdraw from my account. I never wrote them a check or gave anyone my account information. The educational service was an obvious fraud. Still, they took all of my money and left my account 100 dollars in the red. Wells Fargo closed my account, never refunded me for the blatant fraud, and then left me hanging.

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Aug 06, 2014 #852501

Same thing happened to me. Wells Fargo is evil. $50K car loan paid with them. I CLOSED my account due to identity theft per the LAPD with a zero balance owed to them and I am black listed from Wells Fargo when I closed my account with a ZERO balance not them and I am told after opening an account then they closed it" We are an at will bank" you are NOT on Chex Systems or who us money we just don't want to do business with you. F Off Wells Fargo!

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Feb 21, 2014 #787311 King City, Oregon

we also closed wellsfargo account, they put us in oppornity account which we didn't know that was, its a second chance for people who have trouble opening up acct and is in the ck system,I looked it up and went to 5 different banks and we are not in there ck system etcalso the manager at this branch was rude , and snot,she made a statement well you haven't done it yet, this was not the manager who opened up our acct. other people I talked to have heard bad advice about having acct at wellsfargo don't do it ,. your better off

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Dec 21, 2013 #762351 Seattle, Washington

I don't really get the difference between wells fargo opportunity checking account and a regular checking account. been awhile since I had a checking account but if the check wasn't issued from that bank (they can verify the funds are available immediately if it's issued by them) or you didn't have enough $$$ to cover the check in your checking/savings it would take 2-3 days for the check to clear anyways. so having to wait 1 day is nothing. There arn't any fees so long as you either A: Direct deposit $750 a month which anyone should be able to do. B: use your debit card 10 times in a month, C: deposit $25 into your savings every month (which you can immediately transfer to your checking or withdraw.)

The only downside I can think of is that you can't deposit at an ATM. *** opportunity checking even comes with free overdraft protection (It just transfers money from your savings to your checking to cover the difference) I guess it's kind of *** that they'll charge you $12.50 if you don't put that money back into your savings after 24 hours. Kind of a stupidity tax I suppose.

It seems like a pretty solid program to me. especially for a bank that has locations all over the country.

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Dec 21, 2013 #762353 Seattle, Washington

h e double hockey sticks and du mb were censored?

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Oct 11, 2014 #883282 Tampa, Florida

No u get charged $12.50 regardless. It is not free overdraft. If overdraft protection kicks in to cover a check wells (and most banks) will charge the fee to do this transfer for you.

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Oct 09, 2013 #727294

when we opened up an account with wellsfargo we didn't know it was an opportunity account and he did not explain about the account or we would of never opened one.
we never had any bad experience with opening up checking acounts, also wellsfargo LIED!!!! about us being in the check systems, I went to 5 different banks just to see if we were in the check systems and we were not. so I could open any branch.
they will not remove this and go into the basic checking we are going to another bank,
everytime someone gives a check for some work my husband did etc we cannot use this money until the next day THIS IS ***!!!
we have to deposit and than cash ,
a family member who also has wellsfargo (retired) gave us a check for some work and I needed that money for my new glasses etc I took into the tigard,or branch and I asked them if I could write on this today and told me no ,not until tomorrow , I got mad and told her I want the money now not tomorrow, she put it on my debt card , I shouldn't have to go thur this everytime someone give you a check, these were wellsfargo accounts , or any bank they do the same
Also my credit score is alot lower than the bbb saids, this is also *** ON THERE PART :upset

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Dec 21, 2013 #762354 Seattle, Washington

it's hard to give a grain of salt to someone with such poor grammar and understanding of how things work. Maybe you're just angry so you're not making much sense, but to me you invalidated your own argument. the BBB or better business bureau has absolutely nothing to do with your credit rating... and even if they did, but were saying your score is higher than it is.. well you should be thankful...

"these idiots shouldn't have been given money"

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Feb 21, 2014 #787317 King City, Oregon

your the *** ,and so what makes you so perfect ? bbb does not tell your score but people go the message , you can stick it wear the sun don't shine,

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Sep 29, 2013 #723090

People always seem to be complaining about their bank. Perhaps you would be better off with a local credit union...

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John Mc

Oct 15, 2013 #729604

A credit unionruns credit checks - so they would deny you too.

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Happy with Wells

Aug 28, 2013 #708194

the Opportunity is just that an opportunity to do better this time around. There are so many restrictions because you have screwed up in the past and all this is preventative. I have never written a bad check in my life but I did go overdrawn for $5 with Union Bank years back and it was 3 different transactions totaling $5. I was charged 3 overdraft fees of $35 each. I thought that was absurd to pay $105 in fees for overdrawing my account $5. I called to complain and they wouldn't do anything about it, I went to my branch and they didn't help either so I deposited $5 to cover the overdraft and never used that account again. Of course this went to collections and made it impossible to get another bank account. Until I went to Wells Fargo. In June of 2011 I opened an opportunity account. I'm not a huge banking person. I had my paychecks direct deposited (which made the account free). I used the debit card for my daily purchases and used online bill pay...Never had any problems with the account. I've only had to deposit a check twice and yes its a pain to have to walk in to the branch to make the deposit but its more of a pain to have to drive around to the bank that the check is drawn on to cash as a non member and have to supply two forms of ID and a finger print each time.

Good news also because I never overdrew the account or had any problems on my end my account was upgraded 13 months later.

Oh and as for Union Bank I got a notice in the mail
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Oct 20, 2014 #887661 California, United States

I have a great credit score and I currently opened a checking account with my partner. So I don't understand why we have an opportunity checking account when I have great credit score and even if we share the account, we've been really good about our account. How long will the account stay this way. I've had this account since April, 2014.

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