Chantilly, Virginia
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This morning I looked online on my Wells Fargo bank statement and found a charge for $15.99. I thought I had never authorized this charge.

On the charge was the number 877-224-7430. I looked up the number and found the Pissed Consumer site and stories from people who had been through this before. I decided that I did not want this Wells Fargo "Purchase Protection" service. I called the number knowing that a refund was almost impossible, but what I really wanted to do was stop future charges.

No refund, but at least I won't have to deal with these charges anymore. Thankfully I check my online statements regularly and stopped this at the first charge.

Turns out I accidently signed up for this service when I opted for a free yearly credit report for Wells Fargo. When you opt for this, you sign up for the "Purchase Protection." My advise is to call the number 877-224-7430 and be polite but VERY CLEAR AND FIRM that you do not want this service!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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actually wells fargo would have just refunded the cash not id protect, just did it, just make sure you called id protect and got it cancelled


just checked mine today, had the same thing but on top of that i only had $5 in the account at the time so i got hit with an overdraw fee too which is what really has me pissed


Just called that number u posted. He was nice and the whole call lasted less than 3 minutes.

Sucks about the first payment! Very quick n simple.


Had the same thing happen to me, not the first time they try to feed me their small print charges, im switching banks, screw Wells Fargo.