My 91 year old father has banked with Wells Fargo for years. We had him put into a nursing home a few months ago and in doing so we had to start doing his banking ourselves.

I was going over his bank statement and saw that money was being taken out of his account to pay for a security system for a person nobody in the family had ever heard of. This money has been taken out of my fathers account for over 5 years. My father has always been very private and would not let anyone help him do his books and we always felt he was sharp as a razor. My father nor any other family member has a security system.

I called the security company and they verified the mans name as their customer as well as my fathers account number as the account from where the money was coming from to pay this "strangers" security bill. I went to dads Wells Fargo bank and was treated very rudely being told that I would have to get my father paid back by the security company. My sister spoke to someone with the Wells Fargo identity theft or an office similar to that and all they would do is put 211.99 back into dads account! I believe the amount payed to this security company was somewhere around $3400.00.

Today I called the phone number that was on the letter that we received stating they were going to give dad $211.00 and spoke to another rude employee. I asked him if they check out the account numbers with the names on the accounts to make sure they match and was told that they couldn't check out hundreds of thousands of these per day. I would not use this bank if it was the only bank on the globe! They are always in the news for doing something unethical.

Dads accounts are being moved to another bank asap and I am going to the news papers and local T.V. and radio news so I can get as many people as I can to avoid these cons!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wells Fargo Cons: Rude customer service, Wells fargo claims and fraud dept, Not being honest, Run around.

Store Location: 1601 Handley Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76112

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The account number and the name for who the security system was for did not jive. The name that went with the security system account was NOT the name on the bank account where the payment was being taken.

Wells Fargo doesn't check these things out?

Wether my father, whom we now know has the beginning of dementia (yes, I know the dementia is not the banks fault) but the bank should have a system to check these things out! When I went to the bank to speak to them about this, they were very defensive and rude from the very start of our conversation!


I don’t understand - YOU expect the bank to correct your fathers mistake? How is the bank responsible?

Even if the money was coming out of the incorrect account in 5 years your dad never noticed? Again how is this the bank’s mistake?

When will American’s start to take presonal responsibility? Clearly you won’t


I can't expect an idiot to understand. How do you like working for Wells Fargo?

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