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I am a homeless man living on the streets of Fort Lauderdale, FL. On October 12, 2017, I found a bag of money laying on the street in front of Wells Fargo, 350 E.

Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Right in front of the Wells Fargo office. The bag of money was sealed (locked), but I could fell the multiple bundles of cash inside the bag. The money bag was sky blue with red shoulder handles.

I was outside the bank. No one knew I had a bag of cash on me. I am homeless with no money to my name. What did I do?

I returned their (Wells Fargo) bag of money/cash. Multiple bundles of cash. What did Wells Fargo do? Absolutely nothing.

No reward. No thank you. I wrote the CEO, Timothy Sloan, five times. No response.

I wrote the sheriff, the mayor, the governor, the newspaper. No response. So now, I write you. Until I get an answer - I will keep working.

What are they going to do, put me in jail for returning their money? Dan Gallagher

Reason of review: No response. No reward..

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This corporation puts a great deal of spin on customer service. I my opinion it is all lip service.

After trying to resolve a problem with Wells Fargo Advisors, I finally asked to speak to Customer Service to file a formal complaint. Why yes of course you can file; however, we reserve the right to take 30 days to think about your complaint.................before anyone will talk to you.

30 days of silence...............might as well tell the fxxx off