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I intend to tell everyone I know about this experience with Wells Fargo bank.

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Requested a stop payment. The stop payment fee was taken out of my account.

I then checked my account the next day to make sure that the stop payment was taken care of the way the online banker told me that it would be. However, the account showed that the charge was going to go through my account even though I was charged the stop payment fee. I then called and talked to another banker "Veronica". She assured me that the charge would be stopped and that it would not go through the account as arranged to be stopped.

I was told that I would see the charge would be removed from my account and to check my account again at 08:00AM in my time zone. Well I checked the account the next day and low and behold the charge was posted through my account. I immediately called the 24/7 banking and was then told that I would not be getting my money back. They found the stop payment order and still the charge was moved through my account.

This was not a small amount charge. This was a large amount of money that was take out of my account.

As soon as I get the money back my account will be closed along with 2 business accounts! Wells Fargo is a crooked bank and should not be in business!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Reverse the amount that was stopped .

Wells Fargo Pros: Sneaky fees.

Wells Fargo Cons: Lying and dishonesty.

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File a complaint with the agency that regulates banks in your state. Find it on your state's main website.

If you can't find it, call your state rep and have them find it for you. That's what they are there for, to help constituents.


And say what, the terms the OP and anyone else agreed to say they may not be able to catch a check even if a stop payment was ordered. You guys did read what you signed right?

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