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I received a late fee on my first statement received which was received late but I paid it as soon as it was received and on top of that paid almost the entire balance owed on the next payment. I called and spoke with a young lady the first time and I was just told no she can't waive the fee.

No explanation or anything. I called a second time and spoke with a representative by the name of John who was very unprofessional and customer service skills sucked that told me he couldn't waive the fee and that they are holding me "accountable" for the late payment. Regarless my fault or not that's not an explanantion that you give any customer. I told him to let me speak to someone higher and he transferred me to a supervisor by the name of John whose employee ID is 5149 that also told me no but gave me a fax and po box mailing address to send any disputes on my billing.

Talking about horrible customer service. Then I told him to let me speak to an actual manager and he transferred me to Ricky whose employee ID is 503 which he was very professional but still to him a $25 late fee was worth losing a customer for life. My daughters will close their accounts and I am posting this for any one else considering any products with this bank.

Please go to Capital One, Bank of America, Chase, or Citi. Any bank besides Wells Fargo because they do not have the customer's best interest in mind from the unprofessional phone reps to the all about a dollar attitude.

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