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They blew smoke up our *** all they do is start paper work then the bank in our case Wells Fargo takes over good luck with that do you think they want to lower a 6.5% interest rate ?6 months and still nothing every week it is a (I NEED MORE DOCS ) over and over they wore us down and I finally gave up which Iam sure is what they want..

Stay away from NACA and Wells Fargo...

In our case my husban was in the auto industry and his plant closed down and move to another country and all we wanted was a better interest rate .4 years ago when we built the house 6.5 was the normal we planned on refinancing but then the plant closed .Every year when we go get our taxes done and I see we paid $10.000 in interest to Wells Fargo I cry my payments are only 1,147.00 a mont not including taxes you do the math this house will never be paid off,my daughter just bought a house at 3.2% all we want is a lower rate and there is no help out there...

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