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I am upset my deposit is being put on hold because they can't make a call to get the funds released ..That is poor customer service and than say it's because of over draft and that is a lie on paper . .if it's been over drafted it's because wells fargo puts holds on funds on money that shouldn't be hold onto ...They have release funds that shouldn't of been released and I have had to file complaints for them to fix it .. My life has been on hold due to injury from a violent person at my work place and I got seriously hurt and my son has been murdered ,so to put a hold on my funds to get a fresh start in my life ,with a check from a insurance company that I have been cashing for five years from chase bank is ridiculous because it's a large amount so call and validate funds ,and have them released ...Do your Job

Location: Milpitas, California

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"puts holds on funds on money" No, it's because YOU ARE spending money DO NOT have in your account at the time. Bank101- You can't spend "pending" cash.

You can not spend money until it ACTUALLY posts to your account. Any idiot knows this. It's not that hard.

Once again, until a hold has cleared and the money has posted, you CAN NOT spend it. If you do, you'll rack NSF fees and will eventually have your bank account closed.

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