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My story is too long to write all in a box. It started when we were approved for our first home loan through wells fargo home mortgage in 2006.

We were approved for a home loan and when they sat us down at closing, our payment was way more than our income and what we could afford. We actually said we had to think about it and came back the next day!! Since then, we were over our head in house payments. We never missed a payment and we were charged up the rear for interst and taxes.

our premium went up the second year!! This is not ok, or honest. Not only did they put us in a loan that would not accurately qualify us to recieve that much money, but when we realized we were in trouble and tried to get a modification it was nothing but horror! I tried for over 2 years, with 2 seperate attempts to get a modification to our FHA loan.

It never worked. I got the runaround and no answers. Examples, I would talk to a different person every time. They would give me different fax numbers, they said that they never recieved faxes.

I have never been through something so troubling in all my life! I am 27 and as a first time home buyer then, I didn't know any better. Now I am divorced because of this house situation and I know better than ever, not to let someone take advantage of me. I am not niave.

I believe that I can sue Wells Fargo and win!

Please help!!! Sincerely,

Kara Brocksome

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