Newark, New Jersey

We too fell into the Well Fargo Home Modification Program SCAM (Making Home Affordable Program which we were preapproved for) We were told BY THE WELLS FARGO LOSS LITIGATION DEPARTMENT to fall behind three payment to qualify for their program which we did (WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THIS IN WRITING) Shame on us but they said it wasn't necessary... then we receive a foreclosure notice from their attorney with thousands of dollars added for their attorneys fees and various other bogus charges.

We are seeking legal counsil but are afraid we too may lose our home due to this false practice by Wells Fargo.... PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Wellsfargo has done everything to me that I have read about from everyone else on here, How can they keep getting away with it??


11. Wells Fargo is a scam.

I started in July 2012. Everytime I tried to get a hold of my contact person, they changed my account to someone else, I would leave messages for every contact. No one contacted me. I would fax them, no call.

I finally called the President's office and they were very nice in the beginning, when they decided what the remodification was going to be they lowered my interest rate and made my mortgage higher!!! All the paperwork you do for them is also a farce. I have tons of paperwork. All they base your payment on is if you can afford the home using your gross salary!!!

Well yes, I can afford it with my gross salary, if I didn't pay my electric, water, phone, vehicles to get to work, groceries, etc. I don't think when President Obama put this into action that this was not his intentions of having people lose their homes. That was Wells Fargo intentions. Mr.

Stumpf who is the President of Wells Fargo makes 20 million a year. Mr.

Stumpf, please pay my mortgage. Note, please don't call his office, they are the rudest people I have ever dealt with in my life.


i soooo agree with everything you said and more! i sent requested documents back immediately.

called and left message after message for my "specialist" to help. although they are to respond 24-48 hrs. i never got calls. talked his supervisor...did no good.

i re-sent documents that were now "expired" . i started out in oct. 2012. after reading about all these SCAMS about well fargo.

for my own health (as i was getting chest pains, anxiety) i will quit calling. this whole ordeal was making me sick.

Cape Cod

Just to clarify the last comments that I made here......

If you are waiting to hear of the decision of your HAMP app... and have been given the runaround like everyone else on here...

chances are... that WFHM has already started the foreclosure process, without informing you in the correct, legal way that they should ( again check your states foreclosure law) and you need to find this out.

Sooner rather than later....... It is just criminal.

Cape Cod

I too went through this garbage. Check the foreclosure laws in your state... there are certain procedures that have to be followed for a foreclosure... otherwise the law is being broken. Check on and to see if your property is there. What they are doing is not only illegal.... it's beyond comprehension... they think they are going to get away with all of this. Here are some things I was told by employees of "WFHM":

1. the people who are actually handling this program don't work for WFHM... they are employees of the Treasury working at WFHM

2. Ignore the acceleration letters you get when you fall behind in your payments. They are automatically generated, and if you are in the middle of the modification program, don't worry about them. Ignore them.

3. You are not in foreclosure.

4. We need more/didn't get the paperwork

And that is just some of them.

What they are doing.....

1. Anyone had any drive bys by a company and get a note on your door to call Wells Fargo? They are charging you for this....go online... look at your statements and print out everything.... so your attorney has all info. One employee actually told me that the last person to cruise my property was "STOPPING BY.. to see if I needed help filling out a piece of paperwork"

Do not let these people bully you.... most of them don't know banking law, or even the most fundamental basiscs of Banking 101. Also, check to see who is actually on the title to your property. Go down to the land court, and find out. This alone could save you from foreclosre, or least give you enough time to fight it and win.

Get all the ammo you need.... because you aren't getting answers out these people. Most of them don't even know what they are talking about anyway......they think that they can hide behind their status.. when they took the federal money, they became a Federal Bank, which is a little different than being regulated by the Division of Banks....... and this whole procedure is lunacy......

I know people who got modifications ( diff bank) when this program first started... it took a month, and a phone call... and boom they were modified.

Don't get mad.. get busy...people are suing, and they are winning.....

Hope this helps someone...


The Home Modification Program has been a total nightmare for us. This program needs to be reviewed by the government as to how lenders are manipulating and abusing this program.

SUNTRUST acquired all of our documentation on 12/19/09, approved us for the trial program 5/21/10, which again they were supplied all the required "updated" documents. I continually called regarding the progress and whenever we were asked for any additional documentation, it was supplied to them.

We just received a letter stating we were not accepted into the program, the reason, "Requested information not supplied". They can not give me an answer as to "what" information was not supplied, there only comment was, to reapply for the program.

We are now faced with having to pay the difference of our original mortgage payment from the trial payment over the 8 month period we were in the program. Not to mention, I will now have to clear my credit, even though all payments were made on time, our lender, "SUNTRUST", was reporting delinquent payments. When asked (over and over again) if this was being reported to the credit bureau, I was assured it was not. Yet another lie, all recorded conversations on their end.

As I've read on other blogs the numerous complaints, I feel taken and mislead into believing in a "government" program that was intended to assist and help home owners, has only empowered the banks to accelerate bankruptcies and hide behind this program. I only wish I had researched this further.


I cannot get them to respond to my emails asking for help. I repeatedly get a 'Form' Letter that the staff at the end of the day clicks on the needed form letter and hits SEND.

So sad to observe those who are still in the darkness of ignorance during a Global Recession.

May we all continue to walk forward in the Light with our head held high DOING THE RIGHT THING ALWAYS.


I have been battling with Wells Fargo now for 18 months. I was behind on paying, but never more than 30 days.

I was informed by a representative upon making a telephone payment, that I was the perfect candidate for this program, that it would help me to stay on top of my mortgage. I accepted their help and thought I would at least apply. After three months of sending in the same paperwork over and over, I was approved for a three month trial.I paid the 3 months on time, having them automatically withdrawn from my bank account (representative said this was the only way the payments could be made). After the three months I called and asked what was next, I was then told to continue paying the modified amount until the review process was complete.

This went on for 8 months. After the eight months of following the direction of WF, I was told I no longer qualified. How is it I qualify, then I dont? I get a letter stating I am delinquent a large sum of money and was given 30 days to pay this amount or foreclosure proceedings would begin.

I had to retain a lawyer to stop the foreclosure. Once I retained a lawyer, WF sends me a package, stating my modification has been approved. This would be a "inhouse" modification considering they stated I no longer qualified for the HAMP. The "inhouse mod" was unbelievable.

They didnt change my interest rate, they raised my principal and they added 11yrs to my maturity date. This is not acceptable. I informed my lawyer that I will walk away from my home of 11yrs before I let WF have the satisfaction of thinking they can get away with this. I cannot believe this can possibly be legal in any way.

This is predatory lending services at its finest. Something must be done!


OMG! I went through the same modification process.

I had left my ex and he stopped paying the note. I then moved back in, paid with the modification of paying the note on time, with secured funds for three months in a row, which I did, then they sent me a letter saying I was granted the modification. I then two weeks later got papers stating I did not qualify for the modification, and two weeks later recieved on the same day, 1. papers that stated to ignore the papers I had received two weeks ago, and 2.

forclosure date papers!! I had given them over $8000.00 over a three month period with secure funds costing 12.99 to send and they forclosed on me anyway. I moved out, and would love to talk to an attorney about the illegal way they did this. Wells Fargo is a scam and the government just keeps letting them get away with it.

Everyone I talked to had no idea what the one before was telling me!

They are the crud of the earth as far as I am concerned. I will do without before I let Wells Fargo pick up any loan for me!


I had an audit done. It was worth it as the auditor can testify as an expert witness where the computer generated ones can not.

If you would like to know where I got it done you can email me at and I will give that companies name.

I am currently waiting the results of an audit that will tell me who the parties in real interest are and were all the pieces are in the mortgage backed securities pools.

They also have other services to go with the audit that are very helpful in fighting these thieves.


We, too, were taken in by the mortgage modification scam. We were consistently running 27-28 days behind on our mortgage after the economic crisis.

WF offered us a modification trial period with payments reduced by $400. Concerned with my credit, which was still very much in tact at this point, I asked repeatedly about this reduced payment's effect on my credit and was repeatedly told, on recorded lines, that it would not have any affect if those reduced payments were made on time. 8 months later, I come to find out that they have reported me as being 61-90 days past due...I have made EVERY single payment!!! How in the world am I past due????

Plus, now we are $5000 in the hole!!!! They posted all the payments to the previous month's remaining balance and charged us over $1000 in fees which nobody can explain!!

If I had just done it my way, and scraped the money together somehow every month by the 28th day, I would be much better off. My credit would still be good, and I'd owe some late fees, but nowhere near $5000!

Wells Fargo lies, cheats, and steals to keep its profit margin. I've written letters to the President, my Congressman, my Senator, and the CEO of WF.

I've also looked into retaining an attorney, and feel there should be a class action lawsuit. WF should NOT get away with ruining so many people's lives on a regular basis.


AFter making all my payments in my modification on time, I discovered they reported to the credit bureau that I was in default for each month I made the payments. So, now I am shown as being over 360 days in default and my credit is ruined!

Oh, they say they make a "note" to explain....that is not good enough. It should never had happened and they don't tell you up front. I am finished with them and will never come back.

I would like to sue, but the audits are so expensive. If anyone knows of a reasonable company for an audit, please let everyone know.


We have been tryingt o get a mosdification for 9 months now- at first we made to much, then to little, then the unemployment wouldnt cpunt, then...! Finally decided to sell our house short sale!!

oh and I forgot WF Financial services we had a 2nd mtge with them never received statements told them I could not afford full paymnet only 1/2 they said to just continue paying that-- I pulled my credit report-- cheged off!

I ahve never dealt with such a horrible company!! they probably received billions and are doing nothing with it-- why aernt they being investigated???e


Wells Fargo is the biggest bunch of liars I have ever seen. We just got a permanent modification after 16 months of summitting papers and 3 month trials several times.

They kept telling us to be patient because they were working on 1000's of modifications We received a letter on a Friday thanking us for giving them the opportunity to help us work thru our problem.

The following day I was served with foreclosure papers. We finally got the modification but we now owe almost $30,000 more than we did before.


Now make them pay. Audit their mortgage then sue them.

They want you to give up so they can do it again. Endless Fraud Detection dot com can provide you everything you need to take to a lawyer to sue them. They even offer a new audit that shows who the holder/s actually are and it wont be who says they have the right to foreclose. These nortgages are sold to so many investors you will have several names as to who is the holder.

Then you notify the investors they have been defrauded by the fact they were sold a piece of a note that had violations of the law in the contract. Now they can either sue the mortgage company or the rating company for rating it as good. Make their life just as miserable as they have ours.

This company even has a radio show and have 2+ years of archives. My mortgage had many violations including predatory lending and I just ordered my audit to see who the real holders are.


We were told the same thing after WF took out two payments from our checking account in one month. We've been dealing with this for more than a year and now we too have been told that we are in active foreclosure.

It was their fault and now they are making us pay through the nose because we don't want to lose the house.

At this time, I'm prepared to pack up and cut my losses. But, that will let them win.


We've been turned down 3 times for *** reasons. The last reason was because my unemployment wasn't guaranteed for 9 months.

I'm back employee permenently now, I wonder if they'll turn us down again and for what *** reason this time.

Need help! Don't want to lose house, uproot family, file bankrupcy, etc.