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We applied for a home modification with the HAMP program which Wells said after all paperwork submitted we did qualify for. This should not take longer than 60 business days we were told by Wells agent.

That was 03/29/10 and after twice weekly phone calls to them for months it was supposedly prepared on 09/08/10.The mod was supposedly denied in 06/01/10 because of lack of 1 paper required on Hamp program as the mod processor never called to request additional paperwork. It was restarted on06/03/10 in Hamp again and told my new processor would be comtacting me in a few days to discuss and go over financials.This did not happen and I continued to call 2 times a week for status of account. Online .com/assist said the loan mod paperwork was being prepared on 06/06/10. This did not happen and I was told to NOT make my payments as it would mess up the mod paperwork that was being sent to me.Nothing ever came in the mail or phone calls as promised.

I called 08/27/10 and told the agent would need to look at my file as it had been "asleep" and would need to be "woke up" because it hadn't been reviewed by the processor for over 2 months??? She woke it up and sent urgent message to processor about this. Upon waking up the file it immediately went to startup of foreclosure status and paperwork filed on that. Not one update on mod that was supposed to be prepared.

I demaned a new processor as this one obviously was not doing her job. She then called me and told me that she had to have it completed today 09/08/10 before the end of the day and would remain my processor and did a Wells inhouse modification that took 20 minutes on the phone?? I asked about Hamp and she said it would take too long and she had to have this one done today. I asked what about the payment, interest and figures they gave me that were in the file for hamp mod being prepared.

She said she couldn't do that kind that quickly and I stated to her I have been doing this since March 29th. So now they want to include a 1200.00 fee for foreclosure process started when the file woke up! She did not do her job and now I have to pay and being told not to make my payment as the packet was inthe mail and I couldn't pay as it wouldn't be accepted because of the "new loan" being prepared??

Absolutley ridiculous the way Wells conducts business and why if they could prepare and in house in 20 wasn't it done before I became late in April after no work and medical hospitalization issues?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Well they sent the mod packet and tried to charge us foreclosure fees which we promptly called about and the loss mitigation manager waived them. They have the packet now with check for other fees they wanted...but not good enough..once again other agents says the MANAGER is incorrect!

How scary is that when a regular agent say the manager doesn't know what he is talking about and can't waive fees?

So I sent a complaint to the national bank currency controller that oversees banking practices and received back a case number and said I would be contacted. Wells Fargo is out of CONTROL!!


Yes, I lost over 60% of my home's value in southern california - got a great all cash buyer for my short sale, at a price exceeding the county assessor's office valuation, and guess what, well's said no, and so did my 2nd, usaa... So, I said c-ya - haven't paid in a year and haven't heard a word...

don't bother with these bogus obama plans - they are only meant to extend the middle class destruction process, so only the rich, the banks, and the elite who have dual citizenship, can pummel the USA into oblivion...then run off to europe or israel.. wake up amerika - it's time to take a stand...


I believe that too..not only am I 100 thousand upside down now with my house in 3 short yrs I lost the 60 thousand I put down. Now I couldn't sell in this depressed area where 1 in 57 homes is in foreclosure for 1/2 of what my mortgage is. My fault...NOT !


They they have a plan to destroy the home owner