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we have ASC, which is really Wells Fargo Mortgage Company and after signing a modification agreement with them and already making three payments . Just recieved a Motion of Sale .

From ASC attorney. What can I do??? where have my three payments gone too. After more then a year trying to negotiate with ASC & beliving that they would honor the modotication.

Now to my surprise we are struck with this. My family & my self maybe out on the street before the new year comes in.

I would like to ask/ Who can we contact that can help us on this FRAUD. I dont know what else to do.I need some help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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Is there any hope for a w/f mod? or should i just burn this 425k house loan to the ground?? wtf?...


i have been on the roller coaster for almost 2 years and have yet to get my modification done. they want updated info every time i call and no one has a clue what to tell me.

all i have now is this huge amount they want to be up to date. must be something wrong on ther end if they let this go this long.

have stopped the interior work untill i find out whats next. not giving them a updated home that is finished


WF invited me to their modification loan, not once but three times!!!! What a bunch of unqualified misinformed bankers and reps They ruin your credit at the end of the hassles.

Your payments are held in suspense & report you as delinquent even though the loan modification trial period clearly states the temporary agreement I can't wait for a class action lawsuit, I will be in line. Now have to figure out how to fight their reporting me as delinquent so I can get my excellent credit rating back.


If you don't want to spend 6-9 months re-submitting your paperwork time and time again and not getting approved or not the modification you were looking for, here is what you need to do. First, contact a Wells Fargo Personal Banker or Mortgage Consultant "IN PERSON".

Make sure that you find one that has empathy and that won't pass the buck to another employee. They inturn are able to contact the loan negotiator directly and if need be, contact the escalation department to handle any issues. I have personally done this for over 10 customers and gotten their mondification done within 30 days. Moreover, Wells Fargo as well as the other banks were overloaded by the mass requests for help and modifications.

It is crazy to expect them to have the process perfected in months time. You are talking about having to hire thousands of new employees, train them and fine tune the process. Lastly, Wells Fargo "IS NOT" the one making the decision. The loan negotiator's are simply the middle man.

Your home loan is owned by one of the government agencies or private investors. Wells Fargo works on your behalf with the investors to modify your loan. Put it this way, the negotiators you hate so much get yelled at all day by the investors.

Try imagining what it feels like to be stuck every day between two people yelling at you. Lastly, if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the government agencies and investors who are the ones hiding behind the banks and who are unwilling to make change!!!!


just got the call from wells fargo and was denied a modification after sending trial payments for 6 months. I think they let the cat out of the bag.

they told me I was denied because I have equity in my home. wtf


Does anyone have a number to contact Wells Fargo (other than Customer service #) for department(s) who can make decisions on giving house back, short sales, etc?


Never give up. You have remedy.

It is a forensic mortgage audit. They are defrauding this whole country, now make them pay. endlessfrauddetection.com can provide all the proof needed to take to a lawyer to file in court and make them pay. The provide a forensic mortgage audit that includes federal, state and local municipality specific.

Then once all the violations are found they will create all the litigation paperwork support needed to file with the court.

See they don't want their fraud place before a jury of 12 homeowners who may think they were defrauded as well. Once you have gone to the website to see how to get your justice contact steve@endlessfrauddetection.com and start taking back this country one home at a time.


After carbon copy issues of the comments here happening to us, we've just walked away. I'm not dealing w/them anymore and I refuse to communicate w/them unless they want to discuss our "in process" short sale.

Oh, they've tried to bait us with the lowered payments scheme etc. etc. as a trial period but we're not ***. They're not getting another red cent out of us.

If they choose foreclosure and they continue to pursue us after foreclosure, then I'll file bankruptcy and they'll get a whole lot of nuthin'.

I'm done with national banks and will only work with local banks.


So, my story sounds simular to everyone hear and I don't know hwere to turn. I was denied the trial period because my property fell under the HARP program come to find out I do not qualify for that because of the simple fact I owe over 105% of what the property is worth.

I got a call yesterday from the lost mitigation folks telling me to reaply, so that is what I did. I cant believe that a bank as WF would be so CHAOTIC when it comes to this issue.


I too had been working on a loan mod with Wells Fargo. I was also put into the HAMP program.

We have been sending them information for months, which has been repeatedly updated and lost several times. After paying on the trial period and sending in additional info, we found out the loan mod was denied. No reason except that the "investor inidacted that the loan did not qualify for the HAMP program." What the representative indicated 4 times, was that "she could not understand why they put us on the HAMP program trial period, since they knew that our loan would not qualify." In other words they lied to us. It is unbelievable that they would build that level of hope within us, on a program that they knew would not be accepted.

Does anyone know of a attorney who may specialize in this kind of work. I believe I have been defrauded.


"SPECIAL NEW PROGRAM" offered by Wells Fargo is BOGUS!! Don't believe them. They just want to squeeze you of as much money as they can before they AUCTION your house off!!! BEWARE!!!

We have been working with Wells Fargo for about 5 months trying to obtain a modification. Three months ago we were told that we were going on a "special new program". If we made three payments on time (no grace period) we would receive a modification in 30-45 days. We were assured that over 90% of their clients who went on this program would qualify.

At the end of the 90 days we were told that we did not qualify and that our house was to be auctioned off in 21 days.

First, they said we did not qualify because we made too much money, then they said we didn't make enough, then they said they did not know why we didn't qualify. Not to mention the 45 minute conversation my husband had with them when they said that they were redoing the paperwork and that we were going to quality.

PEOPLE that "special new program" is bogus. They are only collecting money so that they can pay taxes or whatever liens are on the property to clear title so that they can put your home on the auction block. They are crooks, liars, thieves, and cheats. They are not out to help anyone. Don't believe anything they tell you.


oh i well know-I have just been ripped off for $455.00 for a *** appraisal that was not even necessary for modification and the manager told me that if this didn't work, I would gt my money back;however, she told me several things that was not true. I contacted the 1-800 number before I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and they only returned me to the idiots in Memphis.

They apparently don't use the streamline process that everyone else uses.

They think that I am done but I AM NOT! :( They are Jerks!