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On September 24, 2014, a Wednesday, I initiated a one (1) business day transfer on Wells Fargo's ( in the amount of 4,784.99. On September 29th, I visited my local Wells Fargo Branch located at 710 Polk Ave in Eugene OR 97402. Their phone number is 541-465-5727. I have had nothing but great customer service from this location until lately. I had a good rapport with their previous Branch Manager, Lisa, and even with her predecessor Megan. I have also sat across the desk from Thomas, their district manager, all great to work with. On, September 29th, I spoke with Melissa Anne Work, the current branch manager for this location. Prior to interacting with Melissa, this branch has provided excellent customer service. The previous manager was pleasant, professional, and polite. Melissa Anne Work has been rude, while showing very poor customer service. I have been with Wells Fargo Bank my entire adult life, and my business accounts have been as well.

I explained that the account had not funded, yet the transaction had finalized and posted. She doubted that my transfer had been initiated in a way that would fund in one business day. She explained that if this could be proven, she would finalize and fund the transfer. I logged into my account using her computer, and showed her that the transfer had posted four (4) days prior but the available balance did not reflect the appropriate balance. At this point, she again asked for proof that it was a one business day transaction. Again, I explained the the transaction had posted.... days prior. I was able to locate the email confirmation of the transfer.

She refused to fund the transaction. It was at this point that I realized she was not honoring her word. I asked her to state an exact date for the funding of the account. She explained that she would be glad to. After she got off the phone, I explained that I would be recording our conversation. It was at this point that she instructed me that her manager and security guard would be involved. I left the branch, astonished, to say the least. Years of good customer service, then this. The following week, I visited the store to make a deposit. I was told I was not allowed at that branch, under penalty of criminal trespass.

The funds were made available fifteen (15) days from transaction initiation. I had been banking at that branch for years, and was now not allowed. Again, Melissa Anne Work has shown a true lack of judgment, customer service, and general courtesy towards her customers. Her decision to not allow me at her branch was a completely unreasonable move on her behalf.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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