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Husband left IRA/retirement funds when he died in 2001 as his beneficiary. I wasn't contacted until 5 months ago and made aware of this money having existed.

I was contacted by 3rd party saying that they've been looking for me to get this to me. This other party doesn't mention who has the money and they can't say who it is unless I sign a realese and they wil handle all the paperwork to make the process as easy as they can for me. Once signed, giving them 30% of the funds did I find out that it's Wells Fargo.

It was to take 6-8 weeks, paperwork says 8-12 weeks (no biggie), right? It's 5 months now, nothing.

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Go to missing money.com and you should be able to recover this for free. Try your state's office as an alternative.


sounds like your husband wasn't that smart of a man or perhaps you didn't have a closer relationship, I can't imagine not telling my spouse where my assets are, sucks he was that way

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